Goodwood Festival 2015: F1 cars of the 2000s

2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari F10, Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2015

Pictures of Formula One cars from the last 15 years in action during the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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10 comments on “Goodwood Festival 2015: F1 cars of the 2000s”

  1. Mclaren repainting their 2011 car is not only disappointing but horrible, how could they do that, why not just keep the Vodafone sponsorship, it looked so much better

    1. I hate it when teams change the livery of older cars to their current one. They don’t do it with cars from the 80’s and 90’s so why do they do it with cars that are only a few years old? The 2011 McLaren looks terrible in that livery, which is actually the 2014 livery but with most of the sponsors missing anyway which is pointless.

    2. The Ferrari is using a non-period livery isn’t it? I couldn’t work out why I never appreciated it before because it looks beautiful here.

      1. Hakeem (@themonkeyhead)
        28th June 2015, 15:03

        so is the red bull and the mercedes. it’s messing with my memories of what the cars used to be painted like

        1. Yes, it’s so sad and a real offence to fans :(

          Guys, please keep the paint just remove de sponsors that are no more :(

  2. My god that fake nosecone in the Williams show car looks absolutely hideous !

    1. Hakeem (@themonkeyhead)
      28th June 2015, 15:04

      that’s last years nose – looking back, they really did look awful

  3. Stop repainting cars dammit! Adore the R25 though…

  4. If you look between this gallery and the 90s gallery, you can pretty much pinpoint when the cars started to look ugly. The 90s cars were simple, elegant designs, whereas these cars are all wobbly, twisted up nonsense. First they made the cars too narrow, then they started raising the front wings, and then finally everything went absolutely pear shaped when they put the horrible snowplough front wings on and the tiny little pram handle rear wings in 2009. You get used to seeing them of course, and start to forget how much better they used to look. But comparing these two galleries is really eye opening. I wonder how much of F1’s lack of popularity these days is down to how painfully unpleasant the cars look.

  5. What really stands out to me as the years go by is that the cars of the early 2000’s with the V10 engines have a presence about them that I really feel modern day cars (V8s and the hybrids) don’t have. Sounds weird and I can’t really explain it! It’s just a feeling you get when a V10 goes by like you know it’s got so much power straining at the leash.

    That 02 Toyota for example is also far better proportioned than the new cars I think, it just looks right whereas the cars since 09 look kind of awkward with the narrow rear wing and enormous front wing.

    Have to say that this year at Goodwood was one of the best as a lot of the cars like the 02 Toyota didn’t attract as much attention as the new cars, so you could get a lot closer.

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