Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Monza, 2015

2015 Italian Grand Prix build-up in pictures

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Monza, 2015

Pictures from the build-up to the 2015 Italian Grand Prix.

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25 comments on “2015 Italian Grand Prix build-up in pictures”

  1. I’m bored of talking about what on earth Lewis has done to his hair, can we talk about Sergio Perez’s beard, WHAT IS THAT! He looks like he has spent the last 6 weeks out on the streets

    1. Lol. It could do with a tidying up but I think it suits him!

      1. @rocketpanda I agree it does suit him, if he cleans it up, if he does that it won’t look like such a ginger beard because I have only just started to notice that whereas I never noticed it before

  2. Lewis, what the hell is that? He needs to focus completely on his driving and stop trying to be an attention seeker for the sake of humanity. What happened to the old Lewis that just focused on his racing and didn’t look like a drug dealer? I want the old Lewis back.

    1. I don’t know, I’d find it quite amusing if he lost the championship because he was worrying too much about his hair.

      1. Come on! He is doing what he has to do and he is smashing his title rival. What else can he do better? Leave him alone, he knows what he is doing :)

        1. I don’t think so. I think it looks like that because he has no rivals at the moment. He has a “rocketship”.

          1. Yeah good thing he knows how to drive it too, and his team mate that one time looked capable isn’t.

    2. @ultimateuzair
      In what way does he look like a drug dealer ?

    3. Lots of people die their hair including my mum, my grandma, several cousins of both genders and Sebastian Vettel….. Are they all attention seeking? Jesus!!, its not even a weird colour!

    4. Chill out people. It’s his life – and he’s doing a great job. He is dominating the pole position. He is winning races. He is leading the WDC. He has done a much better job of mastering his emotions in adverse circumstances than in previous years.

      I have to confess – I am a bit jealous!

  3. He needed to do his beard too, quite honestly. As it is, Britney can still out-blond him.

  4. Lewis finally taking a leaf out of Nico’s book and trying to be blonde.
    Jokes aside, I dont understand why people like to hate on him; as long as his performance on track does not suffer, it doesnt matter what color his hair or his chains are. Im sure the media will be all over him if he slips up once, and he knows it. I admire the fact that he is not towing the corporate line and making an image of his own.

    1. agreed :)

    2. We wouldn’t know if his performance on track suffered. He’d start/finish 2nd then I guess.

  5. Black 'n' Blue15
    3rd September 2015, 21:56

    If Lewis has blonde hair in his interests to have than so be it. I can remember well a young Finn sporting bleach blonde hair in fact, driving in Formula Renault 15 years back. Even Villeneuve and Vettel had blonde stints as I can recall, the former of course, until his hairline started to recede!. Anyway, what does it matter? it’s a lifestyle choice, just like you riding a bike to work, or your teenage daughter deciding to Dip-Dye her hair as is common nowadays.

    I’m not proclaiming myself as a Lewis fan, but I appreciate what his image is doing for the sport. F1 right now is going through a murky era whereby the casual viewer is being cut off in Europe by Pay TV and technologies dominating our sport they can’t understand. There is nothing I would call a redeeming feature to attract the youth either and eventually all the different islands of supporters will submerge until the only island of support left is that of our own, commenting or reading websites such as this, those of us that can remember a sport propitiated by passionate racing folk, and not small minded parasitic entrepreneurs and corporations.

    I think Lewis with both his demeanor on and off the track, his mass like-ability, celebrity status, strong social media presence and his innate feel for a racing car, are the sort of things I can see getting a younger audience on-board, and someone for the current casual viewer to tap into. He’s being himself, he’s not the person Anthony Hamilton, Simon Fuller, or Nicole Scherzinger have wanted him to be. I believe we are watching a man in his element now, and he is playing his part in saving Formula One in the present day.

    1. I believe we are watching a man in his element now

      I think you’re right and his driving shows that. At the end of the day what we all want to see as racing fans is the best drivers in the world acting as such on track so no problems with Lewis… now Nico please get your act together! lol

      1. I think it looks like he’s in his element because no one other than Nico Rosberg has the physical means to win a race. Absurd.

  6. Shout out to my men “Luigi” and Sergio :)

  7. The last F1 driver to go blonde, Jacques Villeneuve, faded into mediocrity.

    1. OMG :(

      No, wait… in fact the last one became a 4x wdc. Yay.

  8. Lotus Perpedes team checking the track for detritus.

  9. Hamilton… :D

  10. Crowds, proving that F1 is really in deep crisis…

  11. The photo of the drivers press conference says L.Hamilton but i think is N.Rosberg.

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