2017 pre-season testing day one in pictures

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Pictures from the first day of testing for the 2017 F1 season at the Circuit de Catalunya.

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32 comments on “2017 pre-season testing day one in pictures”

  1. Great shots. Keep up the good work

  2. Finally! 2017 testing day one, what an exciting day!

  3. Looks like Valteri is a bit to tall for the car, his helmet is reaching into the intake, compare that with for example Massa

    1. That would be Stroll, right? Since Valtteri is now in the Mercedes and all …

    2. Mmm, good spot.

      @bascb – he’s comparing Bottas in the Mercedes, who appears to have his head closer to the airbox, and much higher than the side protection too.

  4. The one car im chasing and no pics lol..

  5. No. the “T-Wing” needs to be banned, now.

    1. Eh, whats the harm. F1 fans should stop ragging on aesthetic things if it makes the cars faster.

      1. I guess you were a fan of things like Tyrrell X-wings, Arrows nose wing, and Jordan cockpit wing?

    2. No!!!! It’s one of the few things providing some variety on the grid. We don’t need all the cars looking the same thank you.

  6. Mmmmm that Renault just looks so good!

  7. Brilliant shots! The cars look amazing, and I mirror a comment about the T Wings from above… if it makes the cars faster, then so be it.

    Just one request; more low level shot of the cars from the rear please. The teams were very careful in their launch shots to hide this area, I’m dying to see the diffuser detail.

    1. Agree @kingeraak, I’m particularly intrigued to see the rear of the red bull as they hide it at launch every year, this year being no exception

  8. New cars look awesome, ‘cept that ferrari :P

  9. RB13 looks tidy!

  10. do fans get to see the timing sheet at the end of the day, I cannot remember if we could last year

  11. The rake under the Red Bull looks less pronounced this year. McLaren look to have the most

  12. The Red Bull seems ridiculously tightly packaged, looks like it’s generating downforce standing still.

  13. The cars are looking great!!

  14. That Toro Rosso livery makes me remember the one from PacWest in late 90’s.

    1. @naylamp Oh my! C.A.R.T. aka ChampCar aka IndyCar 4 ever!

      1. +1. For me, late 90s – early 00s were the best years of C.A.R.T. aka ChampCar aka IndyCar.

        1. @naylamp
          Those were the best and the last years…
          My favourite and most iconic image ever of a car and driver is Alex Zanardi in his Chip Ganassi Reynard-Honda. He even beats Ayrton Senna in a Marlboro Mclaren and Schumacher in the 1995 Benetton.

  15. I am disappointed with the new cars. So many things going well. Wide tyres, finally. Nicely sculpted sidepods, overall the cars have an amazing flow to them. In short, these cars have an amazing potential to look truly great.

    And then they went and put that monstrosity up front. Those overdone wings clash terribly with cleanness of the rest of the car. The sharkfin looked quite good before, but now it clashes with the lowered rear wing. And on track pictures show what the doctored pictures masked quite well: The new wide boards extending way beyond the sidepods. From certain angles cars look like a candy on a tray.

    Oh well. So we still have to look at least to the early 90’s (or beyond) to see good looking cars.

  16. Looks like everyone has changed their helmet design this year. What a nightmare.

  17. Those fotos make me reconsider what cars look the best. Williams’ front look is amazingly beautiful.

    1. Kind of agree @damon that seeing them on track has caused me to reconsider the rankings slightly. My top 2 are still the same (Toro Rosso and Mercedes), but I’m inclined to move the McLaren higher up the rankings (thank the 7th I gave them) @strontium after seeing it in the flesh, despite still agreeing that it needs to be mainly orange

      1. @3dom I hate to say it, but personally I still rank McLaren last. Seeing it out makes the orange nicer, especially when observed from a front angle, but the 1/8th angle (between the front and the side) just looks worse the more I look at it

    2. @damon @keithcollantine I always think it is kind of wrong to have a poll for the best looking car just after their launch, we are still under first impression and influenced by the pictures provided, it should be done at the end of testing so that we can have a proper look to every car.

      Great looking cars for this year and that’s probably a way to draw back some fans to the sport (I have heard several friends considering watching again this year after dropping the last few seasons because of unappealing races but mainly cars).

      1. @jeanrien
        I totally second that, Jean. I think such a poll could still be made [again/anew] by @keithcollantine.
        I would also like it to be multi-choice poll (voting for several cars we find pretty), which would give us more accurate results. The best poll type would obviously be one where we could order cars from no.1 best looking to no. 10.

        And you know what? The “great looking cars” you’re talking about have actually also made me comeback to watching Formula 1. I haven’t followed the sport ever since Kubica had his accident. It’s been a while!

  18. This Force india car, is the most ugly f1 car i have ever seen…its cancer for the eyes

  19. My favourite chasis is the Toro Rosso and my least favourite is the same-old Ferrari.

    The most surprising for me is how similar all the designs are bar Mercedes.

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