2017 pre-season testing day two in pictures

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Pictures from the second day of testing for the 2017 F1 season at the Circuit de Catalunya.

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18 comments on “2017 pre-season testing day two in pictures”

  1. i already love this cars, best looking cars since 1997 in my opinion

    1. they don’t look bad indeed, however, if they can produce quality 2 hours on sunday afternoons, I wouldn’t really care how they look or sound

      1. I agree! They look great but all I care about is quality racing on a Sunday.

      2. 100% disagree. If racing is your priority, then they’re are plenty of other series with much better racing than F1.

        Racing is important, but so is how these things ‘feel’, and these wider cars start to make you fall in love with F1 again.

  2. What are those grill like things attached to the cars called again?

    1. Wondering this too…

      1. They’re airflow/speed sensors

    2. I think they are referred to as “rakes”

    3. They are Pitot tubes for measuring fluid velocity

    4. All are correct really, Kiel probes (a variation of Pitot tubes), which are attached to rakes to measure the airflow.

  3. Has Lance just borrowed Valterri’s old helmet?

  4. Did anyone else mistake Stroll to Bottas due to the similarities with his and Bottas’s last years helmet? I have to admit that I did when I first saw the thumbnail image.

  5. is that a 2nd wing on Hamilton’s T-wing or do i just need more coffee?

    1. Yes it is, @lancer033. They used a double T-wing for a while. Gary Anderson made reference to it in the Autosport’s live feed.

    2. And Williams using two separate t-wings. Very ugly, it’s like a coat hanger aerial on a supercar. They just need to be banned asap.

  6. Oh man, pulled up a picture of Stroll, then my attention was needed elsewhere and then when I came back to the picture my first thought was “why am I looking at an old picture of Bottas?” A few people on twitter were saying how much they were alike and I scoffed at it. Although, I was really looking forward to Stroll with his red, yellow and green helmet.

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