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Blown rear wing only gives small gains – Renault

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Renault’s technical director Nick Chester downplayed the gains the team has found with its innovative blown rear wing.
The exhaust on the RS18 has been angled upwards to the maximum degree the rules permit in order to increase performance from the rear wing. It works along similar lines to the exhaust-blown diffusers which were popular before rules were introduced to restrict the position of the exhausts and stamp out the practice.

Esteban Ocon, Force India, Circuit de Catalunya, 2018
Pictures: 2018 pre-season F1 testing day eight
Chester said the gain Renault has found from blowing the rear wing instead is “not much” but it comes with no penalty.

“It’s like everything else: if there’s a small gain there we’ll have a small gain because it’s available to us,” said Chester.

“It’s not like you’ve got a turbo there, you’ve got to recover energy for your MGU-H otherwise your battery’s going to be flat,” he explained. “So you’re quite limited in what you can do.”

He doesn’t expect the design to face protest threats from rival teams.

“I haven’t heard anything at the moment,” he said. “You can put your exhaust in a bodywork box, we’ve just got it towards the top of the bodywork box. So far no concerns on it.”

“Everybody has to have an exhaust and all exhausts are going to blow the rear wing to a degree. And the whole reason we came up with the bodywork box for exhaust position was to limit how far you could go. If we run to the top of the bodywork box I don’t really see what’s the problem.”

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7 comments on “Blown rear wing only gives small gains – Renault”

  1. I’d be pretty stupid for anybody to speak up against this. It’s clearly within the regulations.

    1. It’d be *

    2. If a rear wing melts and fails mid race and Hulk or Sainz go flying off track then somebody (the FIA) will speak up.

  2. Renault: [stuffing face with cake]
    Teams: How good is the cake?
    Renault: It’s okay I guess, but you guys wouldn’t like it.

    1. This is what I was thinking – they’re always going to downplay it regardless of the gains.

  3. Seeing as we’re usually talking tenths or thousandths of a second with F1, a so called small gain could in fact be quite significant.
    I also expect that if there are teams who are going to complain, they’ll do so in Australia when Renault would be hard pressed to revise their design and remain competitive.

    1. revise their design and retain the gain they got from the blown rear wing.

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