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Button-backed Honda NSX to use Brawn GP-style livery

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Jenson Button has teamed up with RJN Motorsport to run a GT Series Honda NSX GT3 Evo with a familiar-looking livery.

[retrompubrawn01]The Jenson Team Rocket RJN car will race in a white, day-glo yellow and black colour scheme close to that seen on the Brawn GP BGP 001 Button used to win the world championship 10 years ago.

The car takes its name from the Rocket Motorsport karting team run by Button’s father John, who died in 2014.

The team’s driver line-up has yet to be announced. It will compete in the GT Series Endurance Cup which races at Monza, Silverstone, Paul Ricard, Spa-Francorchamps and the Circuit de Catalunya. RLN is also considering an entry in the Spa 24 Hours.

“As a Honda ambassador, I’m pleased to be a part of something that brings the Honda NSX to the Blancpain GT Series and I’m looking forward to seeing this project evolve,” said Button.

Brawn GP’s entry into Formula 1 came about due to the sudden withdrawal of Honda from the world championship at the end of 2008. The Ross Brawn-run team used the BGP 001 chassis, fitted with a Mercedes engine, to dominate the early stages of 2009, and went on to win the constructors’ championship while Button claimed the drivers’ title.

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8 comments on “Button-backed Honda NSX to use Brawn GP-style livery”

  1. I know most fans didn’t like the wide front and tall narrow rear wings of the 2009 regulations. But I always thought the Brawn with the day-glo yellow and black, clean curves and lack of aerodynamic appendages was a gorgeous car. And the NSX tribute to it isn’t half bad either.

    1. @yossarian: Gorgeous car. BGP 001. is one of my Top 10 all-time. Very sleek, understated and very fast. The lack of garish commercial logos was a good thing for appearance. Not so good for the car dev over the season.

  2. Hope Button is one of the drivers, would be a great addition to the Blancpain series, as is Honda. The competition is fierce though and I don’t expect Honda to be close to the top this year.

  3. For me that Brawn car was always one of the best looking F1 cars. It has such a unique colour and cleanliness to it. That yellow, under certain lights seemed to glow green – it was fantastic, and looks just as good on an NSX. I hope it’s as successful as the F1 incarnation.

  4. It’s funny, because technically the BGP 001 was in fact a Honda car.

  5. Awesome. Go JB!

  6. Good Luck Jenson!!!

  7. Just watched Richard Hammond’s tribute to Jim Clark and the Lotus cars on The Grand Tour. I love those little F1 cars from the sixties.

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