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Verstappen returns to Drive to Survive as season five launch date is confirmed

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The fifth series of Netflix’s popular Formula 1 documentary Drive to Survive will appear on February 24th, the championship has announced.

The latest instalment will cover the events of the 2022 F1 season. It is the first of two further series of the documentary which were confirmed last year.

Drive to Survive first appeared in 2019 and has been credited with expanding F1’s audience in recent years, particularly in the USA. However the Netflix series has also been criticised for misrepresenting some events. Lando Norris said last year some parts of the programme were “definitely not correct.”

Max Verstappen was among those who accused the programme makers of “faking a lot of stuff” in Drive to Survive. He refused to contribute to the series after its first edition, but after talks with F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali last year Verstappen indicated he had changed his position and said “you’ll see more of me” in the upcoming series.

Verstappen appears in the trailer for the new series, being interviewed for the programme. He won the world championship for the second time during 2022, clinching the title with four races to go. He suffered a difficult start to the season, however, retiring from two of the first three races.

Few details of the new series have been confirmed, though it is likely to include 10 episodes lasting at least 40 minutes each as previous instalments have.

F1 said the fourth season of Drive to Survive, which was launched last year, attracted its biggest viewership to date and was ranked among the 10 most-watched programmes in 56 countries.

Drive to Survive season five trailer

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8 comments on “Verstappen returns to Drive to Survive as season five launch date is confirmed”

  1. I can’t wait for Max to get to Mexico this year.

    Not entirely unrelated, are large security teams included in the RB budget?

    1. Security is for the FIA or Liberty in combination with the circuits. The teams have mechanics (those are scary enough) but sometimes a driver have their own bodyguard.

  2. Once again, nine days before the opening race, i.e., the previous week Friday.
    I still don’t get the point in releasing any given season’s episodes this close to the following season-opener rather than, for example, in January, decently far away from both the preceding season-closer & following opener.

    1. They want us to watch exactly one episode a day to build up the hype before the first GP :)

  3. As ever, Max honours his word only when it directly benefits him. The way he said it last year you would have think he wrote of DTS for good.

    1. Why this personal attack . He like any other person, has the right to take part or to refuse to take part.
      Every driver in the paddock chooses his own interests before others.. nothing new.
      Oh wait.. its Max. of course…….

    2. It’s business not some amazing political choice with lives on the line.

  4. Still can’t get myself to finish season 1…

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