Abu Dhabi Grand Prix not at risk amid speculation over Gaza conflict – F1

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Formula 1 has rejected claims this month’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix may be cancelled as a result of the conflict in Gaza.

The series is due to visit the Yas Marina circuit in the United Arab Emirates for its season finale in the final weekend of November, supported by Formula 2. The track will also hold the usual post-season F1 test which includes a session for junior drivers and three-day F2 test from November 29th to December 1st.

However following an attack in Israel carried out by Hamas on October 7th in which thousands were killed or kidnapped, and retaliatory strikes in Gaza which have left thousands more dead, concerns have grown that other countries in the Middle East may be drawn into the conflict. This has prompted speculated F1 may have to cancel its planned race in Abu Dhabi.

F1 has made it clear the race is not at risk and there is no doubt over whether it will go ahead. Team principals have been briefed on the situation and told the event will go ahead as planned.

The series’ risk assessments for the event are unchanged compared to previous years. It has already raced in the Middle East on three previous occasions this year, in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Formula 1 has already cancelled two of the 24 races which were planned to take place this year. The Chinese Grand Prix was called off due to the country’s continued management of its Covid-19 outbreak, and heavy flooding in Emilia-Romagna forced the cancellation of the race at Imola. Both races are scheduled to return on the 2024 F1 calendar.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year led to the cancellation of its round of the world championship. F1 later terminated its contract to hold the Russian Grand Prix.

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13 comments on “Abu Dhabi Grand Prix not at risk amid speculation over Gaza conflict – F1”

  1. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    2nd November 2023, 12:46

    Can it be cancelled for the appalling race we are bound to get and end this miserable season early. Cancel Las Vegas while you are at it.

    1. Before we got these fat pigs they call F1 cars, we actually had some great races in AD.

      1. When did we have good racing in AD? Only good race I can remember is the one from 2012 because of chaos during the race. Every single other race was boring and predictable. Even AD2021 would have been an absolute borefest but for an SC in the final laps.

        1. Maybe they need to get Uncle Masi and his liberal interpretation of things back to liven things up again.

    2. Maybe you should cancel your subscription to Sky or NOW or however you view F1 in misery?

  2. real people won’t keep posting if you delete their posts over an obvious little joke @keithcollantine, without saying anything it’s disrespectful. And one real post brings a lot of multi account psychotic posts, don’t forget

  3. Can we cancel the race because of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) appalling human rights record?

    1. No. How else are people in F1 going to be millionaires? They need those hosting fees.

      Let’s not forget that the FIA merely confirms the calendar; the FOM and teams make it.

    2. @khurtwilliams Saudi Arabia & Qatar have worse records.

      MichaelN – FOM yes, but how do teams also ‘make’ the race calendars?

      1. Indeed Qatar head of Hamas and Saudis.

      2. Agreed. Take those countries off the calendar too.

  4. Zero safety threat anyway, so people should simply stop being worried.

  5. It wouldn’t be at risk even if the U.A.E. were at war. Actually, F1 did race in Saudi during an active conflict, and rockets fell just a few km away from the track DURING the race weekend. When it comes to Arab sheikhs and their money, everyone will be sacrificed if necessary. This situation is nothing really, and the thought wouldn’t even cross their minds. They have already got all the drivers basically kidnapped in Saudi before, as they were threatened and couldn’t leave the country and were forced to race. When I think about it, Liberty is more evil than many despotic regimes around the world lol…

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