Carlos Sainz Jnr, Ferrari, Miami International Autodrome, 2024

‘You’re talking too much’: Frustrated Sainz was ‘one lap from winning’ Miami GP

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Carlos Sainz Jnr unsuccessfully called for Sergio Perez and Oscar Piastri to receive penalties during the Miami Grand prix – but did collect one himself.

It was a frustrating afternoon for him, as he felt he came within a lap of winning the race, and had to remind his engineer not to talk too much on the radio.

Here’s how the Miami Grand Prix unfolded from his perspective.

Carlos Sainz Jnr’s Miami Grand Prix radio

Jump to:

L1: “It should be a penalty”
L13: “Are we going to try something?”
L24: “It was stupid”
L26: “Don’t leave it too close with Lando”
L29: “Guess Lando is going to lead the race, no?”
L35: “He needs to be intelligent”
L40: “Check the car I touched the wall”
L50: “You’re talking too much”
L56: “I have a five-second penalty or what?”
L57: “One more lap and we would have won”

“It should be a penalty”

Start, Miami International Autodrome, 2024
Perez’s optimistic start compromised Sainz

Sainz launched away from third place superbly, immediately overtaking his second-placed team mate Charles Leclerc and tucking in behind Max Verstappen

Then Sergio Perez came flying down the inside, forcing Sainz to move wide. Leclerc retook the position through turn one and left little room for his team mate at the exit, allowing Oscar Piastri to demote Sainz another place. He was not impressed.

Lap: 1/57 SAI: 1’37.234
Sainz What the fuck was that?
Adami I saw it. Checo 0.7 behind.
Sainz It should be a penalty, he nearly took us off.
Adami Understood. We are talking.

The stewards reviewed the start and decided not to penalise Perez, who braked so late for the first corner he went off on the outside.

“Are we going to try something?”

Oscar Piastri, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz Jnr, Miami International Autodrome, 2024
Sainz stalked Piastri and Leclerc, both of which passed him thanks to Perez

Piastri swiftly passed Leclerc for second and the two Ferraris queued up behind the McLaren. At first Sainz appeared to suggest Ferrari swap the running order of their cars, but once it became clear that wasn’t going to happen, he decided to look after his tyres and run a longer first stint.

Lap: 6/57 SAI: 1’32.911
Sainz I feel like I have pace here.
Adami Copy, understood. Just stay focused on the tyres as well.
Lap: 13/57 SAI: 1’33.605
Sainz Are we going to try something in front, or?
Adami We are looking into it.
Lap: 15/57 SAI: 1’33.119
Sainz I’ll save my tyres a bit.

The complexion of the race began to change when Verstappen went off at turn 14 and wiped out a bollard, causing a Virtual Safety Car period. Ferrari told Sainz to take advantage of the opportunity to pit while the racing speed was reduced if he could, but the VSC period ended before he reached the pits, so he stayed out.

Lap: 22/57 SAI: 1’32.775
Adami The bollard is not there anymore, as you can see. It’s in the middle of turn 16.
Lap: 23/57 SAI: 1’47.406
Sainz Why is Piastri not boxing?
Adami He is boxing behind Charles, has been undercut. VSC, VSC. If it’s still VSC, we box.
Adami They are removing the bollard. Track reported clear. Ending, ending. Stay out.
Adami All clear, all clear. Lando 3.5 behind, Piastri 2.8 in front.

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“It was stupid”

Carlos Sainz Jnr, Ferrari, Miami International Autodrome, 2024
The Virtual Safety Car pace was especially slow in the tight final sector

Sainz was not impressed by how slow he had to drive during the VSC period.

Lap: 24/57 SAI: 1’32.640
Adami Stay out, stay out. Max is boxing. Use right toggle turn seven. Right toggle turn seven. Lando three seconds behind, Piastri 2.8 in front.
Sainz The VSC delta time sector two it feels like turn 14 is like stopping. Like dangerous. It was stupid.
Adami Copy.
Sainz Lap time on hard for Charles?
Adami 32.1 on DRS, 32.6 second timed lap.

“Don’t leave it too close with Lando”

By lap 26 Sainz was running second behind Piastri. Verstappen and Leclerc had pitted, the latter eight laps earlier. But while Sainz potentially stood to benefit by pitting later than those rivals, he was concerned about the growing threat from Lando Norris behind.

The pair were separated by 4.9 seconds on lap 17, when Perez’s pit stop gave Norris free air and allowed him to start catching the Ferrari. Soon Norris was close enough to threaten Sainz with an early ‘undercut’ pit stop.

Once he got within two seconds, Ferrari made their move. But the timing proved unfortunate for Sainz.

Lap: 26/57 SAI: 1’32.573
Adami This is a good lap. Heads down. Piastri 2.4.
Adami Think about to close the diff to help you. Switch grey. And Lando 2.3.
Sainz Yes. Don’t leave it too close with Lando.
Adami Copy.
Adami Lando is 2.0 behind. 2.0.
Lap: 27/57 SAI: 1’37.282
Adami Lando 1.8 behind.
Sainz It’s a good lap.
Adami Box, Carlos, box. Pit confirm and box.

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“Guess Lando is going to lead the race, no?”

Safety Car, Miami International Autodrome, 2024
The Safety Car appeared with galling timing for Sainz

On his first lap out of the pits, the Safety Car was deployed. Sainz immediately knew this would allow Norris to make his pit stop while the field had slowed, and jump ahead of him and Piastri who had come in on the same lap.

Making matters worse for Sainz, the Safety Car joined the track shortly after Norris, who therefore gained even more time and jumped into the lead.

Lap: 28/57 SAI: 1’56.881
Adami Sainz pits
Hold the brakes, hold the brakes and focus on the light.
Adami No slow intro, going to the end.
Adami Sainz gestures in anger as he sees the Safety Car signal
Safety Car, Safety Car.
Sainz Fuck!
Adami Yeah.
Sainz Did Lando catch it?
Adami No. Lando’s at turn four, Safety Car at turn three. Charge button on.
Lap: 29/57 SAI: 2’19.655
Sainz Fuck, this is too unlucky!
Adami Charge off, mode FW.
Sainz Guess Lando is going to lead the race, no?
Adami Think so.
Sainz Well he’s going to win.
Adami Lando pitted, he’s at turn one.
Lap: 30/57 SAI: 2’07.676
Sainz What are they going to do? Are we going to get a lap or? Okay.
Adami We don’t know, we are chasing it. Checo is now behind you.
Sainz I think we should have been…
Adami Sainz overtakes the Safety Car at turn nine
You can overtake, perhaps, yeah. Okay. Warm your tyres, wisely. And Lando is turn 16.
Sainz How much fresher is our tyres compared to Charles?
Adami Eight laps.
Lap: 32/57 SAI: 2’28.743
Sainz How is Checo in strategy? He needs to stop again. Oh no, he boxed.
Adami He stopped twice, yeah. Safety Car in this lap.

“He needs to be intelligent”

Oscar Piastri, Carlos Sainz Jnr, Miami International Autodrome, 2024
Sainz believed Piastri’s defending went too far

Sainz took the restart fifth behind Norris, Verstappen, Leclerc and Piastri, all on hard compound tyres. Perez, immediately behind him in sixth, had used the Safety Car to make a second pit stop and switch back to the medium compound.

He tried to pass Piastri on the outside approaching turn 11, but that the exit of the corner the McLaren driver was ahead and took full advantage of his right to leave Sainz no space. Again Sainz called for a penalty, but again the stewards ruled ‘no foul’.

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Lap: 34/57 SAI: 1’32.109
Sainz Sainz tries to pass Piastri on the outside of turn 11 but the McLaren driver forces him wide at the exit
He pushed me off.
Adami Copy it. Checo 0.6 behind.
Sainz But clear, eh?
Adami Yeah we are on it. We are on it.
Lap: 35/57 SAI: 1’31.423
Sainz I think I was ahead at the apex.
Adami Yeah it’s clear. They are looking into it. It will be five seconds added at the end, if anything.
Sainz He just needs to give me the position. He doesn’t get a penalty.
Adami Understood. We are working on it. Checo 1.0.
Sainz He needs to be intelligent.
Adami Understood.
Sainz Give me the position and they don’t get a penalty.
Adami Copy.
Lap: 36/57 SAI: 1’32.105
Adami Will be status four ’til the end.
Lap: 37/57 SAI: 1’32.315
Adami No further investigation. No further investigation. Checo 0.6 behind.
Adami Checo no DRS, Checo no DRS. 1.1 behind. Recover energy and tyres and go for it. Right toggle turn seven, right toggle turn seven.
Sainz [Unclear]
Adami Yeah.

“Check the car, I touched the wall”

Sainz finally put a move on Piastri at the end of lap 39, but the car got away from him momentarily as he braked for turn 16. The pair made contact, damaging Piastri’s front wing and sending him into the pits.

Meanwhile Sainz asked the team to check his car – twice. First for the Piastri collision and again after he touched a barrier.

Lap: 38/57 SAI: 1’31.366
Adami Stay focussed, 20 laps to go.
Lap: 40/57 SAI: 1’32.455
Sainz Sainz passes Piastri at turn 16 but the pair make contact
Check the car.
Adami Copy.
Adami Car is okay, car is okay. Good job.
Sainz Sainz appears to touch the wall at turn 15
Check the car, I touched the wall.
Adami Copy.
Lap: 41/57 SAI: 1’32.006
Adami All okay with the car.
Adami All okay with the car. Charles lap time 1.6.
Sainz Something is wrong with the car. Check the downforce.
Adami Okay understood. Checo 1.9 behind.
Adami Seems all okay with aero numbers. Nothing big. Slippery track reported 17, but [unclear] later.

“You’re talking too much”

Carlos Sainz Jnr, Ferrari, Miami International Autodrome, 2024
After finally getting into free air, Sainz tried to close on Leclerc

Satisfied all was well with his car, Sainz pressed on after Leclerc, whose tyres were eight laps older than his. Race engineer Ricardo Adami kept him abreast of the gaps and potential areas to improve, but eventually Sainz found the feedback was starting to get a bit much.

Lap: 42/57 SAI: 1’31.581
Adami Charles lap time 1.3. In case of a Safety Car. What do you think about these tyres? Are good or not?
Sainz I would think about coming in.
Adami Driver default delta zero on. And we’re losing one tenth across car in turn four. The rest of the corners are good. Good job. Charles lap time 1.5.
Lap: 43/57 SAI: 1’31.052
Adami You are very good in turn one-two-three. Good section there. Charles lost four tenths first sector now.
Sainz [Unclear] rhythm.
Adami Exactly. Charles lap time, 31.6 but he made a mistake first sector. Now similar sector times.
Lap: 44/57 SAI: 1’31.362
Adami Losing one tenth in four-five. I’ll give you more advice. Multi B white KC position 11. Multi B white KC position 11. Diff mid plus one and use the toggle if you need. Diff mid plus one.
Lap: 45/57 SAI: 1’31.501
Adami Driver default delta zero on when you can. Driver default delta zero on. And Charles lap time 1.5.
Adami Driver default delta zero on.
Lap: 46/57 SAI: 1’31.348
Adami Early turn-in turn four, suggestion, to be faster. Early turn-in turn four and use the exit kerb through turn eight.
Adami Did your fastest first sector, good job there.
Adami And Max lap time 31.5. And Charles lap time 1.5. And Charles had a snap in turn three.
Lap: 47/57 SAI: 1’31.523
Adami And multi B white KC position 2. And multi B white KC position 2. Lando lap time 1.3.
Lap: 48/57 SAI: 1’31.392
Adami 10 laps to go. Max 1.5, Charles 1.6.
Lap: 49/57 SAI: 1’31.415
Adami Charles 1.2.
Lap: 50/57 SAI: 1’31.546
Adami Purple first sector, good job there. Keep pushing like this, seven laps to go until the end, maximum attack. Multifunction strat position two. Multifunction strat position two. Can extend to car behind eventually for maximum pace ’til the end. Checo 3.2 behind.
Sainz You’re talking too much Ricky, please.

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“I have a five-second penalty or what?”

Carlos Sainz Jnr, Ferrari, Miami International Autodrome, 2024
Sainz tried in vain to build up a five second lead over Perez

Sainz made sure to acknowledge Adami’s next piece of driving advice. But he was also concerned what the stewards thought of his tangle with Piastri.

Fearing Sainz might receive a five-second time penalty, Ferrari advised him to build up as much of a gap as he could over Perez and Lewis Hamilton behind.

Lap: 51/57 SAI: 1’31.039
Adami Understood.
Adami Charles lap time 1.9.
Lap: 52/57 SAI: 1’31.363
Adami Suggestion to carry more speed in four and go wider in exit.
Sainz Copy.
Adami Charles lap time 1.2.
Lap: 53/57 SAI: 1’31.567
Adami And five to go, five laps.
Adami SOC five, SOC five.
Lap: 54/57 SAI: 1’31.325
Adami And Charles 2.6 in front, Checo, 3.2 behind, and Hamilton right behind Checo.
Lap: 55/57 SAI: 1’30.928
Adami And three to go.
Adami ‘Charles lap time 31.6 – 1.6.
Lap: 56/57 SAI: 1’31.062
Adami Hamilton lap time 31.2. He is behind Checo. He is 4.3 behind us.
Sainz So what do we need five seconds to Hamilton?
Adami Five seconds, yeah.
Sainz ‘I have a five-second penalty or what?
Adami Not yet. Just in case, just do fastest race ’til the end.
Lap: 57/57 SAI: 1’31.100
Sainz Yeah okay, okay.
Adami Last lap, last lap.

“One more lap and we would have won”

Carlos Sainz Jnr, Ferrari, Miami International Autodrome, 2024
A post-race penalty dropped Sainz to fifth

Sainz crossed the line fourth, 3.2 seconds ahead of Perez and 5.1 ahead of Hamilton. The stewards later issued a five-second time penalty for his collision with Piastri, which left him fifth in the final standings.

But he was more disappointed by the timing of the Safety Car which he felt potentially cost him victory – and Perez’s wild move at the start which meant he ended the opening lap fourth instead of second.

Chequered flag
Adami P4, P4, good job. 5.2 to Hamilton in case, good job. Charge off and mode slow and pick-up. Will [be] investigated after the race.
Sainz Yeah, one more lap and we would have won it.
Adami Yeah was super-unlucky.
Sainz Anyway. I think was a strong race, was just tough out here. The pace of the car was good.
Sainz I can imagine. Good effort.
Sainz Yeah. I feel like we deserved more. Another good start, someone… who was it, Perez, no, at the start?
Adami Yeah.

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  1. Would had expected Sainz of all people to be a bit happier knowing his “mate” Lando won.

    1. He has become much more self focussed this year – understandable, I think, but… Yea… He shouldn’t lose the good guy reputation in the process.

    2. Inside the car he is racing, so he wants to win.
      Out of the car after the race he can be happy about his friend.

    3. of course he even went up to him after the race and hugged him, didn’t you see it ?

      But Oscar turning self destructive and over emotional during the race, a shame another Spaniard saves the face of the offender. Hopefully Oscar wasn’t staring at his steering when he destroyed his front wing.

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