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Las Vegas Grand Prix “got a lot more hate than it deserved” – Sargeant

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Logan Sargeant says people were too quick to judge and criticise Formula 1’s new Las Vegas Grand Prix last weekend.

The Las Vegas Strip Circuit held its first race last weekend. F1 invested significant sums in putting the race on, but the event faced criticism from some who felt the series prioritised the show over the sport.

Max Verstappen was among the most vehement critics, describing the event as “99% show, 1% sport” and criticising the track layout before the weekend began.

Sargeant, the only American driver in F1, said it deserved a more positive reception. “I think going into the weekend it got a lot more hate than it probably deserved,” he said. “It was kind of looked over before we even got going, to be honest.”

The event suffered an early setback as the first day of running was badly disrupted after a loose track covering damaged two cars. However once the delayed second session began the event progressed more smoothly.

“After [first practice] it was pretty much a perfect weekend, I think similar to the others,” said Sargeant. “I did enjoy driving it, I enjoyed racing there.”

Drivers who didn’t enjoy the show business elements of the event will have to accept it, Sargeant added. “You have to expect when you go to Vegas, it’s all about entertainment, so there’s going to be a bit of a show,” he said.

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“From my side, I enjoyed it, and I thought people gave it more of a hard time than they needed to.”

George Russell had a positive impression of the race and said the track exceeded his expectations. However he felt the event would be improved if F1 did not run on its own.

“I enjoyed it a lot, to be honest,” said the Mercedes driver. “I thought the track was a lot better than first expected.

“Probably the only thing would be it’d be good to see other formulas race. The track was always mega-dirty to start with, and that makes it very difficult to race on when the whole track is pretty filthy.

“But I think the the show was great. The schedule was obviously a bit challenging, but added a different dynamic. I wouldn’t change a lot.”

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