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Button says Daytona 24 Hours start will complete his motorsport bucket list

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In the round-up: Jenson Button says there will be no major races left he strongly wishes to compete in after he takes part in this weekend’s Daytona 24 Hours.

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Nothing left that “stands out” for Button

Since retiring from Formula 1 with 15 grand prix wins and the 2009 world championship title, Button has raced in the Le Mans 24 Hours, Japan’s Super GT series, NASCAR Cup races, IMSA’s Petit Le Mans and more. He is due to contest the full WEC season this year and makes his debut in the Daytona 24 Hours this weekend.

The latter will be a watershed moment for him, he said. “I’ve been wanting to do this race for many years and been speaking to Wayne [Taylor] for many years,” Button told Daily Sportscar. “It just hasn’t worked out with timing and different things. But it did this year and I jumped into the WEC programme too.

“There’s nothing else [on the bucket list], nothing that stands out. It’s very special.”

Inthraphuvasak joins Formula 3 grid

PHM has confirmed the second of its drivers for the upcoming Formula 3 season. Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak will join the already-announced Joshua Dufek. Inthraphuvasak is already driving for the team in the Formula Regional Middle East Championship.

McLaren pair encouraged by Diriyah showing

Sam Bird said he was encouraged by the pace his Nissan Formula E car showed in Diriyah last weekend despite crashing out of yesterday’s second race. “I am disappointed with the result today and it’s not what we wanted,” he admitted, but added he was “massively encouraged by the pace, speed and efficiency we have shown this weekend.”

Team mate Jake Hughes, who started sixth and finished fourth yesterday, was similarly upbeat. “I’m buzzing after that race, my best finish in Formula E so far,” he said. “It’s a track I really enjoy driving at, and after Sam’s P4 finish yesterday, I was really happy to back that up.”

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Comment of the day

Does Lando Norris really believe he can win a world championship at McLaren? DB-C90 isn’t convinced:

I really wonder whether McLaren’s rise in fortune last season was down to them or was it a matter of both Mercedes and Ferrari underperforming massively.

I’m hoping they’ll remain competitive but I just can’t see them returning to the top steps of the podium against the other big three any time soon.

Seems like young Lando has already given up on a WDC and will just see his time out being no doubt well paid at McLaren.
DB-C90 (@Dbradock)

There’s still time to join in this weekend’s Caption Competition here:

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Hoshi and Kingshark!

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5 comments on “Button says Daytona 24 Hours start will complete his motorsport bucket list”

  1. CotD

    Seems like young Lando has already given up on a WDC and will just see his time out being no doubt well paid at McLaren.

    Why not? Almost all F1 drivers have to accept that, because that’s exactly what modern F1 is.
    You either have No.1 status in the fastest car and do all the winning, or you accept that you almost certainly won’t be champion and just rake in the enormous financial rewards while having some fun.

  2. Off-the-record (sorry) question for Keith and/or the site webmaster. I am trying to upload a pic to my profile, I have tried different formats and sizes but nothing seems to work, please tell me, how can I do it ?

    1. I get http error when adding a photo maybe that is the problem.

  3. What would really complete Button’s bucket list would be to run the Indy 500, but like so many drivers he’s scared to do so.

    1. He wouldn’t be the first F1 driver to be apprehensive about high-speed ovals, if that’s what it is. The risk of serious injury (or worse) is far higher than it has been in F1 for many decades.
      Still – if the guy says he’s not interested, then that’s his choice. I expect he’s being quite honest about it, considering he’s also said he’s not keen on racing at Bathurst – and nobody says that.
      After all, he can do basically any racing, anywhere, that he feels like now.

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