Logan Sargeant, Williams, Bahrain International Circuit, 2024 pre-season test

Sargeant needs to be “the surprise of the season” – Vowles

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In the round-up: James Vowles expects Logan Sargeant to prove his critics wrong in 2024.

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Sargeant must be “surprise of the season”

Williams team principal James Vowles says second-year driver Logan Sargeant needs to be the “surprise of the season” after a challenging rookie year in 2023, in which he scored just one of the team’s 28 points.

“He knows that what he was doing last year, that’s not fit for purpose anymore,” Vowles said to the official F1 channel.

“We have to step it up. He has to be the surprise of the season and use the knowledge base that he spent 12 months gathering to good effect. You can see that in his body language and confidence already and he’s now got an opportunity to take it to the track and translate it there.”

No fooling new team boss – Hulkenberg

Haas driver Nico Hulkenberg says that new team principal Ayao Komatsu, the team’s former engineering director, will not be easily fooled by the team’s engineers.

“Obviously he has his own management style and he’s made some changes already,” Hulkenberg said.

“He’s obviously an engineer, so a different background, but a lot of know-how, a lot of knowledge. The engineers can’t fool him because he knows what’s up and how the dynamics work.”

Hamda Al Qubaisi aiming for F1 Academy title

Red Bull junior Hamda Al Qubaisi says her target is to win the F1 Academy championship in her second season.

The MP Motorsport driver – the younger of the two Al Qubaisi sisters who race in the series this year – will run in Red Bull Racing’s colours this season. She took four race wins last year on her way to third in the standings, but is aiming to win the title this season.

“We ended off the season last year really well, so I’m really excited to bring what I’ve learned from last year into this year and improve even more,” she said.

“I think we always want to strive to do better. Last year, I felt like I had more in me. Also, I look back and think I could have performed even better, so I’m going into this year with that mindset and trying to aim for the title.”

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Nico Hulkenberg, 2024

Hulkenberg’s excitement was short lived when Toto apologised for calling the wrong Nico…

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17 comments on “Sargeant needs to be “the surprise of the season” – Vowles”

  1. Sargeant WON’T BE “the surprise of the season” – EffWunFan

    1. I’ll be surprised if he makes it thru the whole season! I was rooting for him last year, even defended him when he quit in Qatar.

      I hope I’m wrong but I won’t be holding my breath.

      1. If you have a mileage and testing problem, that’s tough. Still, there are only so many places. I’d like to see 24 cars on the grid and more testing. In the absence of this, only those who can jump straight in will succeed and novices will often struggle against old hands, or even just themselves.

        Logan seems like a nice guy. There are a few of them in F1 currently. I have concerns for even the most talented of them. I like Max and Alonso, and Lewis is also a huge talent. I’m not sure any of them could be simply described as nice guys, though!

        Which F1 champions didn’t have an edge or some amount of heavy mental armour where they would be absolutely clinical when push came to shove? Even Prost and Lauda had some kind of aura about them. Whatever your self doubt, it probably helps you competitively if your opponents don’t see it.

        1. Lack of testing is a problem but I don’t buy that excuse for Sargeant. Albon demolished him last year (27-1 points). That’s worse than Latifi got beat and people ripped on Latifi big time!

          I don’t hate Sargeant, but he might be more suited in Indycar.

        2. I like the kid, but he’s had an entire season. Every F1 superstar was great right out of the box. Meanwhile, he couldn’t beat Albon once. He’s certainly helped inflate Alex’s stock though.

  2. No fooling new team boss

    This was so fascinating to watch in Drive to Survive… They certainly portrayed Steiner as somebody entirely out of his depth, being given the run around and more than happy to give up.

    I wonder why he didn’t give Komatsu more trust. He could have said you have final say on the car, I’ll do the rest… Komatsu shouldn’t have to run the entire team just to lead the car development where he wants.

    It speaks to what was a bigger problem at HAAS.

  3. I thought I heard Sargeant say the team hadn’t set him any hard targets this year – that sounds like a hard target.

  4. It will mark [Steiner’s] first paddock appearance since leaving Haas.’

    Well he was in the paddock in Bahrain last week for pre-season testing, so…

  5. Cool helmet design, partly because predominantly light-blue is somewhat unusual.

    1. Ooo, we need a helmet thread, have you seen Bottas’? Gorgeous.

  6. Hamda Al Qubaisi, how great would that be, to have an Arab girl being a motor racing champion. I was reading how a majority of Iranians are really not religious already, not so into the regime and hijabs and all that, and this would really help that along. Inject a girl champion into the Emirates and that culture generally, with all the beards, and this would be motor sport and F1 doing a good thing :)

    1. Iran’s not an Arabic country so it’s not clear how an Arabic woman succeeding in F1 would have a big affect one way or another.
      That said, it would be totally cool if Hamda Al Qubaisi got to F1 and became champion.

  7. “He’s obviously an engineer, so a different background, but a lot of know-how, a lot of knowledge. The engineers can’t fool him because he knows what’s up and how the dynamics work.” – says Hulkenberg

    But as Komatsu was formerly Haas Director of Engineering anyway, and in charge of those engineers, what’s the difference now?

  8. JV finally putting some pressure on Logan. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have an option to replace him half way through the season if he still hasn’t shown any promise.

    1. Indeed, so far I haven’t seen anything that makes him better than mick schumacher, and there’s still a lot of people who think it was fair to fire him after his 2nd season, despite signs of improvement, so I’ll have no mercy whatsoever for sargeant in my comments.

      1. Williams really need to protect themselves here. If they lose Albon to either Red Bull or Mercedes at the end of 2024, they will likely be stuck with an underperforming Logan again for 2025, so that they don’t suffer the huge inconsistency of having two new drivers. If Logan isn’t much, much closer to Albon by the summer break, he should be out IMO.

  9. Not going to happen.

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