RaceFans Comment Policy

We always like to read comments from readers of RaceFans and welcome contributions from all users – whether it’s your first comment or your five hundredth!

To make sure that all users of RaceFans get the most out of the site, we require that all comments on the site, including the forum and RaceFans Live obey the RaceFans Comment Policy:

1. Comments must be posted in English (characters, digits and punctuation).

2. No racism, sexism, discrimination of person(s) based on their nationality, ethnicity, religion (or lack of) or other such discrimination.

3. No swearing (including obfuscation).

4. No personal attacks, insults or “trolling”.

5. No off-topic comments. These include:

To start a discussion on an alternate topic, visit the RaceFans Forum.

6. No spamming or advertising.

7. No violation of copyright. This includes posting of images on the RaceFans Forum.

8. The editor reserves the right to move, amend, delete or restore any comments as they see fit.

9. If you have a query about why a comment has removed, wish to complain about a comment, or contact us on anything else to do with commenting, contact the editor directly using the contact form. Please include links to any comments you wish to refer to.

10. Failing to adhere to these rules may result in your use of the site being restricted.

You can find more information about the RaceFans Comment Policy and how and why it is implemented here:

And on the forum here:

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