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How to watch F1 live around the world

Live Formula 1 coverage and highlights of races, qualifying and practice sessions are screened by a number of different broadcasters around the world.

The following breakdown of the different ways to watch Formula 1 around the world was compiled from information supplied by RaceFans readers in different regions.

To contribute an amendment or update to the data below please use the contact form below or post a response in the forum.

Formula 1 also runs an official streaming service known as F1 TV. There are two different versions available – ‘Pro’, which offers live streaming of sessions, and ‘Access’ which does not. F1 TV Pro, which also allows viewers to follow onboard footage from all drivers’ cars in real-time, is only available in certain countries.

CountryChannelRacesQualifyingPracticeInitial annual costOnline coverage titleNotesContributors
ArgentinaFox Sports Latin AmericaAllAllSome€1500n/aHD pack. Cheaper SD pack available.@Fer-no65
AustraliaTenAllAllAustralia onlyNilTen Play@William, @Mwyndo7, @Pezlo2013, @Plushpile, @Fitzroyalty
AustriaORF EinsAllAllSomeNilORF TV Thek@Danlee
BelgiumLa Une/La DeuxAllAllBelgium onlyNilNon-live catch-up internet coverage. Replays also available on some games consoles and smart TVs.@Spoutnik, @Force-Maikel, @Backwards
BelgiumTelenetAllAllNo€197.424-hour channel access available for €9.95@Force-Maikel, @Backwards
BrazilTV GloboAllAllNoNiln/a@Pandanet
CanadaTSNAllAllFP2 onlyC$720n/aOccasional races are shown delayed. NBC Sports Network coverage is blocked.@Cryptowillem, @Sward28
ChileFox SportsAllAllAll£84Fox PlaySame package is available for free in neighbouring countries.@Alonsomanso
ChinaShanghai Sports127NoNiln/aLocal Shanghai channel@Amber315
Czech RepublicSport TVAllAllMost€346Free-to-air coverage on Nova Sport ended last year@BasCB, @Thaischumi

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DenmarkTV3+AllAllAll£356Cinemas screen some races live for £10.@Palle
EstoniaViasat Sport BalticAllAllAll€911.52n/aAlso need to pay for cable or satallite subscription. Occasional practice sessions are not shown.@F1Lauri
EstoniaViasat TV6Some live, rest delayedNoNo€24n/aRaces always shown at 9pm, will be live if that’s when the race start time is.@F1Lauri
FinlandMTV MaxAllAllAll€239.4MTV F1Online-only F1 package available for €89.95.@RetardedF1sh
FranceCanal+AllAllAll€300My Canal@Jeff1s, @Gonde
GermanySky DeutschlandAllAllYes€562.8Additional charges for HD subscription@Klon
GermanySport 1DelayedDelayedDelayedNil@Klon
GreeceOTE TVAllAllAll€260n/a@Vaiosp, @Sigman1998
GreeceAlpha TVSome live, rest delayedNoNoNiln/aSD only, with ads@Vaiosp, @Sigman1998
Hong KongFox Sports PlusAllAllHD onlyUS$360n/a@Isryanlee
HungaryDuna TVAllAllHungary onlyNilTelesportWill move to M4 Sport in July@Hunocsi
IndiaStar Sports 4AllAllAllNilStar SportsYear’s subscription for online coverage costs £5.01. Standard definition only.@FabF1, @Akshay

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IndonesiaStar SportAllAllNoUS$80n/a@Ridzki
ItalySkyAllAllAll€358.8Additional charges for HD subscription and on-demand viewing.@Fixy
ItalyRAITen live, rest delayedAs racesAs racesNilRAI TV World@Fixy
LatviaViasat Sport BalticAllAllAll€178n/a@Girts
LithuaniaViasat Sport BalticAllAllAll£150n/a@Osvaldas31
MacauFox Sports PlusAllAllHD onlyUS$360n/a@Isryanlee
MacedoniaMacedonian National TVAllAllNo€120MRTCan also get German RTL@Wackyracer
MacedoniaSport Klub TVAllAllAll€120Commentary in Serbian.@Wackyracer
MexicoFox Sports Latin AmericaAllAllAll€120n/a@Mantresx
MexicoForo TV (Televisa)All (delayed)NoNoNiln/aSome regions only@Mantresx
MexicoTelmexAllAllAllNilEscuderia TelmexOnline only, low resolution.@Mantresx
NamibiaSupersportAllAllAll€560n/aPractice sessions usuall in SD only@Chapor

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NetherlandsSport 1AllAllAll€150Sport 1@Dirksen, @Npf1
NetherlandsVeronicaCanada and USA liveNoNoNil@Npf1
New ZealandSky SportAllAllAllNZ$1000Sky NZ account required@Jarred-Walmsley
NorwayViasat MotorAllAllAll£575ViaplayOnline streaming costs £240@Fmoe
PakistanStar Sports 4AllAllAllNilRace Mate LiveStandard definition@Aqibqadeer
PeruFox SportsAllAllAllUS$360Additional charge for channel which carries practice sessions.@OmarR-Pepper
PhilippinesFox Sports NetworkAllAllAll£150Race Mate Live£240 for HD.@Journeyer
PolandNo coverage details announced yet for 2015@PawelF1
RomaniaDolce SportAllAllNo€78Dolce Web TVFor non-subscribers, access to the “Sports Pack” on Dolce Web TV (includes Dolce Sport 1, 2, 3, 4) can be purchased for 1.50€/day or 4.00€/month. RTL Germany also available.@Tony031r
RussiaRussia2All, some delayedAllNoNilRussia2@Olegryzhikov
RussiaSport1All, some delayedAllAll£600@Olegryzhikov
SlovakiaTV Dajto/TV MarkizaAllAllNoNiln/a@Milansson
SloveniaTV SLO 2AllMost liveNoNil@Enigma
South KoreaSBS SportsAllNoNoUS$120SBS SportsAll races live online, most on TV are delayed.@Jesusyoon

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SpainAntena 3AllAllAllNilAtres PlayerAlso TV3 (Catalonia only)@Karmen
SpainMovistar TVAllAllAll€600@Karmen
SwedenTV10DelayedLiveNoNilAd breaks between sessions in qualifying@Pstaffan
SwedenViasat MotorLiveLiveLive€250@Pstaffan
TunisiaBeIn SportAllAllAll€250BeIn Sport@Tifoso1989
UgandaSuperSport channelsAllAllAllUS$984SuperSportOnline stream is problematic.@Sebsronnie
United Arab EmiratesBeIn SportsAllAllAll£1512n/a@GeeMac
United KingdomBBCTen live, rest delayedAs racesAs racesNiliPlayerA TV licence (145.50 per year for colour, £49 for black and white) is required to view live all television programming in the UK.@Keithcollantine
United KingdomSkyAllAllAll£562Sky GoStandard definition: HD costs £763. TV licence required (see above).@Keithcollantine
United KingdomNow TVAllAllAll£219.8Now TVOnline only. Based on 20 one-week passes at £10.99 each. TV licence required (see above).@Keithcollantine
United StatesNBC Sports NetworkAllMost liveFP2 onlyUS$720NBC Sports Live ExtraPrice can vary@Lord-Stig, @US_Peter, @Grosjean0817

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