Ayrton Senna fan, Suzuka, 2023

Going to an F1 race checklist

Nothing beats a day at the track on an Formula 1 race weekend. Use the RaceFans checklist below to make sure you head to the track equipped with everything you need to make the most of the experience. Here’s a quick guide to what we’ve included.

Top of the list are the essentials. Without your tickets you’re in for a short and disappointing day. You can purchases lanyards to keep them secure around your neck if you prefer.

If you’d prefer not to live off food offered by the circuit then remember to take your own food and drink. Bottles of water are especially advisable for hotter races.

Ear plugs or ear defenders are highly advisable to protect your hearing. Far from diminishing your enjoyment of the action, you’re more likely to appreciate not having a splitting headache by lap three. Street circuits like Monaco are especially noisy as the wail of the engines echoes off the buildings.

If you opt for ear defenders you can use a set of headphones to listen to trackside radio (where available) to follow what’s going on around the rest of the track.

Plan your trip to the track carefully, particularly if you’re going to a new venue for the first time. Make sure you have any travel tickets, passes or reservations you may need.

Think about taking something to capture your memories of the weekend with. Modern smartphones take excellent pictures and video but you may prefer not to drain the battery.

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Whatever you use, make sure they’re fully charged and you have the means to recharge them and save the contents of your memory card in between trips to the track. Be sure to post your videos in the forum!

Circuits usually have plenty of souvenir, merchandise and food stands so take some cash if you’re planning to visit them.

If you’re going to one of the busier races using General Admission you may have to get their early to stake a claim to a good viewing spot. A folding chair and a few books or magazines will help here.

Be sure to adjust your clothing to take into account the likely weather conditions. Regular visitors to Silverstone may need both suncream and rainwear. Those heading to more temperate climates can do without the latter. If you do take an umbrella, try not to block the view of anyone behind you.

Finally, there are a few things you should leave at home. For example, unless you want to earn the instant dislike of everyone within a 15-metre radius of you, don’t bring an air horn.

More seriously, give careful consideration before bringing very young children to F1 races. They aren’t likely to appreciate the din and they will be especially vulnerable to hearing damage.

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See below for the full checklist. If you’re planning a trip to a race and have any questions have a look at our Going to a Grand Prix forums.


Race tickets
Drinking water
Food and snacks
Ear plugs or ear protectors
Portable radio

Travelling to the track

Plane/train/bus tickets
Car park or park-and-ride pass
Detailed maps and directions
Guide to the local language

Capture the moment

Fully charged battery
Spare batteries
Memory card

General admission

Folding chair
Books, magazines or similar

Show your support


Weatherproof gear

Sun cream
Rain coat

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