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Le Mans beats Olympics and World Cup as “Greatest Sporting Event” in National Geographic

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    Surprised – but impressed – to see National Geographic magazine pick the Le Mans 24 Hours as the greatest sporting event in the world in a recent feature.

    It was ranked ahead of the Olympics (particularly satisfying given the maddening hype we’ve been subject to here in London since our city was given the games seven years ago) and the World Cup:

    I’d’ve put the Indianapolis 500 on there as well, myself, but given how the mainstream media tends to overlook motor sport it’s terrific to see Le Mans get the recognition it deserves.


    Last year’s Le Mans 24 Hours was an amazing event.

    But I have to say, aside from Formula 1 and other motorsport series, I don’t enjoy any other sporting events as much as I do the World Cup and the Olympics. I can’t wait for the Olympics to kick off later on this year.


    Yeah, Indianapolis deserves an honorable mention at least, but it’s fantastic to see Le Mans hailed as what it is in the eyes of many motorsport fans (and I make the distinction between motorsport fans and solely-F1-fans). It’s the whole package that sells it, the whole week of goings-on, starting with scrutineering in the Place des Jacobins and ending with the podium, going through the drivers’ parade and everything else.


    It speaks volumes that Le Mans is ranked above the Olympics AND the World Cup. I honestly would have never thought that would happen, but it just goes to show how well regarded motorsports still is in the world.


    Brilliant and well deserved.


    Brilliant, excellent but then again I have no interest in soccer and there’s no motorsport in the Olympics so I have no interest in them either but thats their fault not mine. ;) Le-mans is a great event and deserves it.

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