Thoughts about Helmut´s latest rant

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    Well after reading the roundup article I felt compelled to take a stab at him…
    What is up with Helmet?? Can´t he understand that Pirelli don´t owe them anything and that the tyres won´t always work for them?? Haven´t you had enough with 3 wdc and wcc?? You got those greatly in part of Pirelli… the tyres suited your car the best… give it a rest and buck up and take it like a man! Now that the tyres work for other teams your going off!!
    The most shocking part to me about the whole interview was this:

    Q: There is a three-week gap between Malaysia and China and you go back to the factory with the experience of two races. What is on your to-do list?
    HM: First and foremost we will sit down with Pirelli to discuss the tyres to find a solution. And then we will do what we always do: concentrate on the next race – and hopefully win it.

    WTF??? Seriously…. you think it would look professional to ask them advice and tips??? Get real Helmet!!! Ferrari took it as it came in 2011… never got the tyres to work properly but did they complain about it?? Did they ever “sit down” with Pirelli? Jesus…. Not everything is going to go your way !
    Sorry for this guys but, this really infuriated me today!

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    Tyres “punish” Red Bull for being best – Marko

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