Watch the Finn Nico Rosberg cheer Kimi at the European GP 2003

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    Neel Jani

    As you know from the title what you’re about to see so I won’t elaborate on that.

    However, what really struck me (or shall I say…reminded me) was that how our sport is getting killed gradually. Just a decade ago, in Germany, in a single lap qualifying, you feel the atmosphere that existed with those honking. Fans were ‘into it’ and today, a decade later, Formula 1 suffers a decline in track as well as television audiences.

    Enjoy the great lap, atmosphere and of course, Nico Rosberg cheering in the crowd as a McLaren and Kimi fan but also as a Finnish fan and not German.


    To be fair I think the airhorns have gone out of fashion since then, cant remember the last time I heard one (I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been banned). I agree though, the atmosphere has been a bit flat for a while now.

    Ivan Vinitskyy

    This is nothing more than nostalgia. For example I As F1 fan much prefer sitting at home watching a race with lots of data to follow rather than blowing air horn at a grandstand.
    There are numerous other reasons why people don’t do what they used to do before. It doesn’t mean it’s worse, just different.


    For the good and for the bad, that car, folks, was probably faster than this year’s cars, nostalgia or otherwise.

    Iestyn Davies

    Don’t rule out that he’s there with Mercedes – they do have a grandstand, heh. Also, is that just a Kimi cap with the flag and his car number on it? Co-incidentally, it’s also the number he now uses, but for a different reason.


    For those like me with a short attention span, here’s the bit with Rosberg. Incidentally, I reckon this was the day after his 18th birthday:

    Excellent find @neelv27!


    @keithcollantine The race was indeed after Nico’s 18th on June the 27th, but the German Grand Prix back in 2003 was held at the start of August.
    As for the horns, I went to the 2011 AUS GP and there was a few here and there, especially at the podium ceremony! They are definently still around, especially Monza, or any locals winning their home race.


    @pezlo2013 This is the European Grand Prix, though.

    And I don’t miss the airhorns. If I ran a racing circuit I’d have a rule saying anyone who showed up with one is to be turned away. Preferably after it has been inserted into them.


    The exact next day a 16 year old child gets disappointed after his hero has contact with JPM (1:55)

    Iestyn Davies

    @keithcollantine What about vuvuzelas? I guess they are the ‘modern incarnation’ of the airhorn!


    @sigman1998 Is that Vettel? I can’t make it out well.

    Neel Jani

    @keithcollantine yes, that is Vettel!! Wow!

    Iestyn Davies

    All we need now is some footage of Hamilton at the same race! Those two I guess have been ‘unofficial’ juniors for quite some time..


    Kimi was such a beast back in the days of McLaren and Michelin. One has to wonder what happened to him. I doubt he’ll ever be able to find that form again in his career.


    yes he was, but sadly the constant changes of regulation will always there. he is not that adaptable. big weakness for such a fast driver.

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