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    I read somewhere that Robby Gordon might have cheated during a Baja race but he was later cleared.,148975



    Interesting! It’s a case of “to be or not to be.” Is he really capable of doing anything to win? In today’s 26 Min Dakar broadcast, Peterhansel and Roma were really angry and seemed convinced Gordon has done something. Seems like stewards, penalties and appeals to the FIA are restricted not only to Formula 1!


    I love his “straightforwardness”:

    Looks like Coma’s lost 5 minutes to Cyril on the live tracker which is a shame, c’mon Coma!


    @ Stretch

    Thanks for the videos. Yes, his frankness is something we don’t find often in this modern world of corporate diplomacy. Minis are for girls and the girls are non other than Stephane Peterhansel, Nani Roma and the ASO stewards (if Gordon is truly innocent) who whined over what seems to be, to me, discontent over seeing a non-European manufacturer and team winning.

    But I could be wrong. I’m not an automobile engineer (I wish I were) or I could have understood what the problem actually is. It seems very complicated. Could anyone tell me in detail what the issue really is?


    @PT The Hummers are built to SCORE (Baja 500/1000) Trophy Truck regulations which are legal for Dakar. Big engine, big tires, big suspension travel & a Tire Inflation System. The ASO/FIA have approved this same system for the past handful of years now & did so before this years rally started.

    The issue comes with the air-take, the Hummers have to run a Restrictor Plate behind the throttle body & the rules state that there can be no air entering the intake system after the Restrictor.

    Well the Inflation system is hooked into the intake so that when the tires are being deflated the vacuum of the engine pulls the air out of the tires faster. Despite being technically illegal it passed tech the past several years and again prior to the start of this years race the ASO/FIA said it was ok. Well after the Hummers were so much faster then the Mini’s (which has more to do with Suspension travel & the car being able to “glide” over bumps), Peterhansel filed a Protest about the Hummer’s Inflation system. The same ASO/FIA officials that said it was legal just a week or so before (and years prior) had then decided that no it wasn’t legal (which technically by the rulebook it really isn’t legal). Basically it was legal to the French ASO/FIA Officials as long as you weren’t beating the French driver who just so happens to have a major partner sponsor of the Rally.

    Robby filed a protest & cut/plugged the line to the intake and still went out and was just as fast in the following stages.

    Anybody who knows anything about engines knows that the small amount of air that would be pulled out of the tires via that vacuum tube during deflation 2 or 3 times a stage (when needed) wouldn’t act as a Turbo/Supercharger, if anything it would lean out the air-fuel mixture which would hurt preformance.

    As with everything FIA related though the controversy is deeper then just that. On the first week of the race one of the big trucks got DQ’d for hitting one of the cars and not “providing enough help”. The truck team after hitting the car stopped to make sure everybody was ok & even offered to help get the car able to drive or tow it back in. The car told them they were alright & declined assistance so the truck went and completed the stage. Later that night the truck driver was told that his vehicle was excluded from the race. The driver of the car that he hit pleaded with the ASO/FIA to not exclude the truck as it was an accident and they did stop to offer help, but the ASO/FIA didn’t care & stuck with the exclusion.

    Peterhansel a few stages later hit a Motorcyle rider during a watercrossing knocking the bike fully into the water amd physically running into the rider… Peterhansel did not stop to offer assistance at all, and was not penalized. A stage or two later Robby came up on Peterhansel and was faster so he used the Sentinel warning system (basically the modern GPS version of a horn) which means the driver infront is supposed to move over & let the faster driver by… Peterhansel didn’t respond to the warning system (grounds for DQ according to the rules) and forced Robby offline and into a Rock which severely damaged the right-side tires & suspension of the Hummer, Peterhansel continued on without stopping after the accident like you’re supposed to to offer assistance. The ASO/FIA did not penalize Peterhansel at all for either of those two safety/unsportsman like violations even though a similar thing had gotten a Truck excluded during the first week of the Rally. Yet Robby was given a DQ because the French ASO/FIA officials decided halfway though the race that was they said was legal to run isn’t legal to run when you’re faster then the French driver.


    @Fisha695 Thanks for Explaining that.


    Geniel De Villiers Got third over all, I am so happy about that. Geraad De Rooy won the truck section. Just what I needed.

    My thoughts to all the people who lost loved ones or got injured.


    And the winner is…..Petronas De Rooy Iveco Team, with 2 Trakker in first and second position in the overall ranking!!!

    Good job also for Biasion….6 at the finishing line!!


    If someone want to download screensaver or wallpaper…here is the link:




    I’m really sorry mate – I didn’t check this post till today when I saw the detailed explanation you’ve given. Thanks a lot – it really cleared my doubts. I am of the opinion that the Dakar is one of the few remnants of real, raw motorsports but I’m absolutely not comfortable with these French people running the entire. This isn’t the only Dakar when some partiality is being shown. Isn’t there anyone to bring the ASO to question some of their decisions?


    I’ve found a little video that shows the fantastic victory of Italians Iveco :)

    Ryan Williams

    The 2013 edition of the Dakar Rally is just under a week away, so I thought I’d revive this topic

    The full entry list can be found here:

    Here’s a quick run-down for each category

    With the withdrawal of Marc Coma through injury, Cyril Despres is surely the favourite to take a 2nd consecutive win in 2013. However, there should be competition from the Portuguese rider Helder Rodrigues and the Spanish pairing of Jordi Viladoms and Joan Barreda Bort

    Last years winner Alejandro Patronelli will not be competing in the 2013 edition of the Dakar, which leaves his brother (and runner-up in 2012) Marcos Patronelli as favourite to win this class. However the Argentine rider Tomás Maffei will be hot on his heels. Maffei took 4 stage victories to Marcos’ 3 in the 2012 running

    The big news in the Car category is the new entry from Nasser Al-Attiyah, who will be fielding a pair of brand new buggys, with the 2nd buggy being driven by WRC legend (and 2010 Dakar winner) Carlos Sainz. Mini also have a strong presence with their 4 car team being headed by last year’s victor, Stéphane Peterhansel. The familiar faces of Ginel De Villers and Robby Gordon also return in a Toyota and Hummer respectively. Fans of the WTCC may also spot Tom Coronel’s brother, Tim, in the #354 entry

    The Dutch team of Gerard De Rooy, Tom Cosoul & Darek Rodewald return after their 2012 triumph in their Iveco truck, but the Russian trio of Nikolaev, Savostin & Rybakov will be desperate to beat them after having to withdraw from the 2012 running

    The Route:
    The route remains pretty much unchanged from the 2012 edition, starting in Lima, Peru, and finishing in Santiago, Chile, with the competitors spending a few days rallying in Argentina in between (
    There are 14 stages in total covering over 8,000km, with around 4,000 of those making up the timed stages (


    My guess is:
    Bikes: Cyril Despres
    Quads: –
    Cars: Nasser Al Attiyah
    Trucks: Russia

    But I wish that there won’t be any drama for lives.

    Ryan Williams

    @sigman1998 I’m not sure that Nasser Al-Attiyah will be in contention for the victory. He himself has admitted that it would be something of a miracle for him to win the Dakar first time out in this new car. I think it’ll come down to a fight between Peterhansel and Robby Gordon


    The opener was yesterday and Carlos Sainz won the cars’ stage. In the bikes, Lopez is first with Despres, the favourite, in fifth. In the quads Seminario is first and the Dutch are first in the trucks.

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