Circuit of Wales – new track planned in Ebbw Vale

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    Silverstone will be properly miffed about this given it’s only four years since they reconfigured their circuit to make it more bike-friendly (though when they planned that they were at risk of losing the British Grand Prix to Donington Park).


    This is starting to look very fishy

    Iestyn Davies

    This reminds me of “We’re bringing the British GP to Donington from next year, and are going to totally revamp the track”, leading to “Back to Silverstone, we could only produce a video and demolish the Michelin bridge, and break up the track surface”.. I would imagine a similar outcome, possibly accompanied by “Welsh government try to chase COW people for the £25m they gave them to build the circuit”…


    I like the fact that ‘British’ rounds of major international racing series are taking place in places other than just England.

    Wales now has MotoGP and WRC. The Isle of Mann has the TT. Scotland has… erm… a BTCC round at Knockhill…


    So in a predictable development that has come as a shock to absolutely nobody, the 1 year deal between Donington and CoW has broken down and Silverstone will remain the host of the British Motorcycle Grand Prix for 2015 and also 2016 as CoW looks unlikely to be ready in time. Never looked likely did it? I’d be amazed if CoW ever gets the race.


    More progress is being made with the land the circuit will be built on now being made available:


    Some new pictures of the circuit here, looks really promising I think:


    *sees all the paved runoff at corner exits*


    I think this is going to be really positive for British motorsport. Another high quality venue is only going to make things better. I’m hoping we get rounds of all the major British car and bike championships racing at CoW, the track itself looks great. The paved runoff is inevitable really, as FIM seem to have realised that for a rider who falls, skidding along tarmac, while not ideal, is far better than barrel-rolling through the air in a gravel trap!


    The project has hit a significant setback as Wales’s economy minister has declined to give a guarantee for the £357m investment the circuit is trying to raise:


    In what could be the deathblow for the project, the Welsh Government has confirmed it will not supply the £200m investment the circuit planners asked for:

Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)
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