What else are you a fanatic about?

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    Good thread.

    I’m a huge fanatic of Professional Wrestling. I used to own my own company (there just unfortunately wasn’t the business locally, and it drained an awful lot of money) and ran a number of local shows, used to compete and became quite a big internet name, believe it or not. Still follow it on television, and would love to write/critique/book.

    I also have a passion for voiceovers (especially for F1 Fanatic, of course), too!


    I love this thread and all the responses so thanks PM.

    Stories are a big one for me- mostly books but I don’t mind if they’re film, TV (sadly I can’t deny I’m a Lost fan and even worse is that I love Eastenders), an epic battle in F1 or a story an elderly person is telling me on a bus (that happens a lot). Also, I’m starting to get more into anime.

    Music. I’ve had an on off love affair with this one for years. I like a wide variety too; anything from The Kinks, Beach Boys and The Smiths to the blues to the African music Greg told me about. I’m starting up playing the piano again as soon as I can this year too.

    Art although admittedly I’m a bit of a dilettante with this one.

    Politics. I wish I didn’t take an interest in politics as half the time it drives me crazy especially with all the spin and how they all somehow sound the same unless they’re completely crazy but I do love politics and not just when it comes to the UK either.


    Im a man and I like long walks along the beach and talking about my feelings…

    Seriously though, I love listening to music, mainly rock but I’m open to most kinds.
    I also love watching movies. I used to be fanatical about the Bond films but I’ve lost interest as I’ve grown older. I like crime movies and thrillers mainly but again most films with a good plot interest me..


    I love music especially Eminem..I’ve all his albums..also love Kasabian..I love all sport really..Cricket, soccer, tennis, snooker…:)


    I love video games. especially racing game. I prefer Forza series than Gran Turismo because it has better physics model. My favorite genre is FPS. I love COD, BF3, Halo : Reach.

    I also love Japanese comic books, aka Manga and Japanimation. I make plastic model(usually Gundam) too.

    What else…oh also I’m very interested in electronic gadgets. I gather huge amount of information everyday to read trend. I use iPhone, iPad and very serious about Windows Phone and Windows 8.

    My last hobby is probably photograph. I can’t say I’m a good photographer but I’m trying to be a good photographer.


    I love doing individual sports , swimming, runnning, cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, kayaking etc and when I’m not injured I’m pretty decent at a couple of them.

    I enjoy other forms of motorsport but wouldn’t say I’m a fanatic. I watch a bit of MotoGP/Rally/GP2/Touring Cars/Indy Cars on TV if it’s on but tend to only read the major news online when it catches my eye whilst reading something F1 related.

    I’m also interested in economics (it’s connected to the work I do) and as a natural link to that I’m interested in, but not involved in, politics. I tend to read a lot on the internet but rarely get into online discussions (F1 excepted).


    I love games. Mostly driving, although other highlights are Resistance, Portal, and I’m about to start Ico and the Shadow of the Colossus.

    I also love music, rock, alternative and metal in particular and may of the sub-genres in between.

    Last year I would have said I’m fanatic about skydiving, but now I’m more fanatic about trying to get the bottle to start jumping again.

    EDIT: I’ll also add in films, TV, and Stephen King books (I don’t pretend to be classy).


    I have a great interest in video games, I like to check out gaming websites, I mostly visit GameTraliers for gaming news. My favourite games ever Race Driver Grid, the SSX Series, the early WWE Smackdown games for PS2 etc.

    I also love rock music including Linkin Park, Metallica, 30 Seconds to Mars, Evanescene, Smashing Pumpkins etc.

    At college I do business which has grow on me a bit, though I’m nowhere near as interested in Business than I am with games and music.


    I’ve been a sci-fi geek since birth, basically (mainly Star Trek in its various incarnations), but the only thing I’m truly fanatical about these days is F1. It occupies approximately 99% of the fanaticism center of my brain. :-)


    @matt90 why/when did you stop sky diving?

    Felipe Bomeny

    As a violinist, I can consider myself a violin fanatic. I’m not a prodigy or anything, but I do consider myself a really good violinsit for my age. Therefore, it’s easy to say I’m a music fanatic- my tastes range from good ol’ classical, indie pop, balaeric, post-dubstep, and Romantic music (I especially enjoy Czech composers).

    Writing is also another one of my passions, and I hope to major in writing when I enter college in the near future. In order to further enhance my writing skills, I’ve been reading a bit more as of late; I recently read Ha Jin’s brilliant allegory, “Waiting”, and I’m currently reading Shusaku Endo’s admittedly simple yet moving novel, “Silence”.

    I don’t really follow any sports other than F1, GP2, GP3, and the WSR (and occasionally Indy when they aren’t bringing out the yellow flags).

    Unlike many of my fellow F1Fanatics, I’m not into video games all that much. I used to play a lot of Final Fantasy on my DS in my preteen years but now the only gaming I do is on my iPhone (Temple Run, specifically!) during my train commute to school. When I have a bit of free time, I do admit to playing a bit (one hour at the maximum) of Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii (which is the only console, portable or non-portable, that I still own).

    As for cinema, I do enjoy Korean movies, like the Vengeance Trilogy, The Host, and the Good, the Bad, and the Weird.


    Hiphop music, been an addict for years and own hundreds of albums by now. Besides that I’m studying history and LOVE the typical Dutch party scene representing the harder music styles. I’m a busy guy!


    For me, the big 3 are

    Food (im a chef for a supermarket that make ready meals)
    F1 and some other motor sports
    Ice Hockey (Pittsburgh Penguins fan)


    @justanf1fanatic Pittsburgh FTW!!! I just wish I still had TV access to the NHL, all I can do now is watch highlights on the internet.


    Admittedly I’d only done 10 jumps by about this time last year and I wasn’t close to qualified. I had so many deadlines after that that I never got round to it again that term. When September came round (I jumped with uni so was sort of reliant on that) I’d lost the nerve cos it had been so long. I think I’ll come back to it in my masters year, and might do a different programme- AFF instead of RAPS (jumping out at full altitude from the start with instructors to help steady you, rather than jumping solo from low altitude on a static line and progressing to pulling your own shoot, which was the last thing I did).

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