What else are you a fanatic about?

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    @silverkeg What is Goatcorp? I did a quick Google search and this was the first thing it returned! Let’s just say I’m confused.


    I’d like to second Damon’s confusion.


    I asked my wife about my second passion…..She said I was not allowed to say on a public forum…!

    1. Not allowed to say..!
    2. Other MS. ie BTCC, Le Mans etc.
    3. Rugby….EXETER CHIEFS.
    4. Travel.
    5. Country sports. Shooting, Fishing etc.
    6. SCUBA Diving. Dived the Great Barrier Reef last year!
    7. Walking on Dartmoor with my two Spaniels
    8. Cricket. Especially the Ashes.

    Probably as I am a little older and live in rural Devon, I could never waste my life looking at a TV screen playing games….Dont want to be contraversial, just dont see the point thats all. Rather be out and about in the countryside.


    I love video games. I’m fanatical about F1 and games. I work as a programmer in the games industry and spend my lunch break on F1 fanatic.

    Good times.


    Music (death metal ’89-’93, crust punk (no neo crap), doom metal, Hindustani classical, hip-hop ’88-’94, …), NHL (no team in particular) & PC Hardware.


    I have a great passion for theme parks especially Alton Towers and Thorpe Park, I have a Merlin annual pass the only thing that could better that would be an F1 Annual pass, however I love them as much as F1 because of that I do like the fortnight gap in between most races because I will usually go to a theme park inbetween races! However when it gets to these cold months neither F1 or Alton towers are open, so I am incredibly bored currently!!


    @matt90 @Damonsmedley Goatcorp is just a pointless fun website my friends and I made. We find goats humerous so made a website dedicated to them. We are a bit odd :P Spread the word, haha

    Felipe Bomeny

    @Damonsmedley @Steph

    Thank you! Right now, I haven’t been writing a lot, but last year, for my middle school creative writing class, I wrote a lot of satire criticizng America’s perception on global issues, ethnicities, and steroetypes. I often found myself getting in trouble for these works (the teachers didn’t necessarily percieve it to be satirical material) so as of late, I’ve been transitioning into more serious writing. In fact, I am working on a little project, the content of which may be revealed soon.

    Oh, and Damon, I’m fourteen right now in the U.S. but in Europe and elsewhere, I’m fifteen as my birthday is on the 17th! (Once again, I forgot the birthday shout-out on the roundp-up


    @Portugoose Happy birthday mate, keep writing!

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Ah, @Portugoose is a fellow writer!

    I currently have an idea for a story that I think would be fantastic, and I’m trying to plot it all out in my head. I’d really like to go somewhere with it, but I just don’t have the time right now.


    @Portugoose first of all, happy birthday! What did your teachers say to you? Forget them and just write what you want to write :) I hope we get to hear about this project. Good luck with your writing too PM!


    Great to see so many physics and sci-fi fanatics :) These are two of my biggest obsessions, rivalling F1 in the amount of work hours wasted on them :P

    I’m doing a lot of studying on the Open Uni, hopefully will get a degree in a few years in physics after missing out on uni when I was younger.

    I’ve been reading sci fi for almost as long as I could read, and now I enjoy writing it too. I’m a board member of an online collaborate writing project (an incorporated not-for profit organisation over in the US): – the aim is to imagine what has become of humanity 8,000 years into the future, all based around “hard” science (ie realistic science, technology, etc). I’ve contributed lots of articles to the project, my next big one I’m planning is a very futuristic racing series :D I’ve also had a novella published in the first anthology released by the project.

    We’re currently running a short story contest for any interested sci-fi writers, and an art contest too – all with cash prizes.

    My other major obsession is politics – I love debating the issues of the moment and keep up on all the lastest news from Westminster (and whatever I can from elsewhere around the world too). I won’t say which party I’m affiliated too but I’m a keen local activist and I’d love to get involved at a higher level – one day!

    Nice to have some stuff to do in the off season :)


    I like a lot of things, but I find that being a fanatic about even one lessens my enjoyment of others. So nothing, not even F1.


    Quite into Harry Potter and Cricket


    I love sports!

    Motorsport fanatic – F1 of course but branched out to Endurance, Indy Cars and MotoGP.
    Football fanatic – Dundee United in the SPL and love watching any European games.
    Recently got into watching rugby union, Glasgow Warriors and I can’t wait for the 6 Nations!

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