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    Me and my girlfriend are heading to Shanghai this year for the Chinese GP, we live in Manhattan, NYC. We got our weekend tickets for Main Grandstand A+ High on – round trip tickets to shanghai from NYC were 550$usd!! that was the primary reason why we decided to book… we arrive the Wednesday before the race weekend and leave the following Thursday. Planning to explore the city and surrounding areas, maybe get some cheap suits made ;) We booked a cool Shanghai lane house with a terrace in the French Concession area on Airbnb for around $45usd a night, so cheap. With our unlocked mobile phones and for $50usd – a 10gb data only sim card from China Unicom will be more than adequate for all mobile use in shanghai… plan to use skype or other voip service to make calls when needed, will use ExpressVpn on phone and computer to get around the “great firewall of china”. Another recommendation would be to download an OCR (optical character recognition) tranlation app, you literally point the phone camera at the Mandarin characters (signs, menus, etc) and it gives you a reasonable translation to work from. Interested in discussing plans and approaches with others attending… reach out!