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    It will be nice to have you in Austin next year! Going out on a limb here, but was the other choice Canada? I live in the Austin area & have been to every event at CoTA. They make progress with each race as far as organization & fan activities and amenities. The one thing the circuit lacks & don’t see much relief any time soon is shade. There are a few places you can get a break from the sun, but not very many. If budget affords, I would look on Craigslist for someone selling an extra PSL ticket. Those will be for sections of the Main, T1 & T15 Grandstands. I have my PSL seats at T15. The main thing this gives you is access to the Hospitality Areas at each of those Grandstands. This provides shade, food concessions & restrooms that are limited to those ticket holders. The actual seats are better also, as they are real seats with backs, cup holders along with more leg & hip room. The seats in the other grandstands are bleachers. All the Grandstands and even GA will give you views of multiple turns & parts of the track. The GA areas are built on berms, so you can actually still see when the crowds show up, even when you’re in the back of the area.

    Another thing you should consider making sure you get is a rent car if you’re not driving to Austin. There is no real public transportation & you will be really limited in what you’ll be able to do while here, unless you’re budget affords you to be able to stay in the downtown area. Downtown you will have access to the FanFest activities & CoTA has a shuttle that goes from the Convention Center to the track. If you are staying outside the downtown area, you need the car. Going to the track you have the option of buying parking at the track which is like $200 for the weekend or parking at one of the shuttle lots for $10/day & taking the bus to the track. They did move the shuttle lots closer to the track last year so the trip isn’t very long.

    As far as hotels, the further out you go, the less expensive they are. It’s really a trade off on convenience & things to do or price. Let me know what you think you’re budget is & I’ll try to recommend some places that will give you the most bang for the buck. The other thing you can try is FlipKey/TripAdvisor or AirBnB & maybe find a condo. I did that in Montreal in June & was able to find a condo downtown for $100/nt where the cheapest hotel was in the $300/nt range with most considerably more.