• Looks like we’re safe to start making plans!

    Couple of things I learned from last year. Try to find lodging close to a metro. The Airport bus terminates at the Berri-Uqam Metro station & there, all the metro lines except the Blue line meet. The Airport bus makes multiple stops between the Lionel-Groulx station & Berri-Uqam stations, so a place along there would be ideal. The Yellow line is the one you take to the track. A 3 day Metro pass is $18 & includes all Metro & bus lines, including the Airport bus. One note, it is 3 consecutive days, not 72 hrs. So, if you come in Friday, it expires at midnight on Sunday. I did have to buy a 1 day pass to get back to the airport on Monday.

    Activities on Crescent & Peel St. are good for 1 night each.Will Buxton will probably have a party at one of the bars on Friday night. Lots of restaurants & bars around Crescent, but I did discover some of them won’t take CC’s that don’t have the chip in them. There is an ATM at the airport close to where you can buy Metro & Airport bus tickets for exchanging to Canadian currency.

    If you want to buy a t-shirt, try to do it on Friday. I waited & then couldn’t find the one I wanted in my size. You can take food & drink in, but the onsite concessions are fairly reasonable.

    I will probably wait a little longer on tickets to see if they release the trio tickets again. This gives you a different GS each day & if it is your 1st time, is a nice way to experience different parts of the track. GA there is not that great. The Casino is a great place to kill some time to let the metro clear out afterwards.