• Danny posted an update 3 months ago

    @hammerheadgb kyle don’t be so naive, if you don’t see that Max is more talented than Sergio, then change the sport. Sergio if he would drive million laps on any track more than Max, Max would still beat him. This is not about a car, this is about manipulation of the car in mid corners, manipulation of the car in the braking zone. All weekend Max drove the car with setup with more downforce, then before qualy they puted less wing for more top speed. Max was struggling with putting tyres in optimal window. He did one lap of the warm up in q1 and q2, then he did two warm up laps before making a lap. Sergio did great job and he is very talented but he is not Max, Charles or Lewis.

    • @denny
      That isn’t what I said. What I am saying is that you cannot take last season as absolute proof that Max > Sergio by 0.8 seconds, forever and always. We can only ever view the drivers through the lens of their given equipment, under this current lens it looks like Max > Sergio by maybe 0.2s. Close enough for the old adage “every dog has its day” to take effect as it clearly did on Saturday.

      FWIW I don’t agree with Checo as DOTW either, I would have liked to see him harry Sainz as Max harried Charles if he were to earn that.