• Dark Side posted an update 9 years, 5 months ago

    @australian Heading over for this years race at Suzuka. I’m staying in Osaka and having difficulties in understanding how to get to the track. Have you ever commuted from Osaka to the race? I’m considering hiring a car but this is my first trip to Japan and not sure if this would be the best way to get there. Would it be easier to get the train from Osaka to Nagoya. Is there a train that takes you direct to the track?

    • hey mate, your looking at abt a 1 and a half hour train ride from Suzuka. You can get a train direct from Osaka to the track, you need to buy a ticket to “Shiroko” train sation. from there its a 20 min bus or taxi ride to suzuka curcuit, the taxi will cost you about $20- usd…………..

      personally i would not reccommend renting a car, will take about 4.5 hrs to drive from osaka ( parking etc )

    • If ur staying in japan for the full race fri-sat-sun, id def suggest staying in Nagoya. Only an hour to suzuka from there. Shopping isnt great in nagoya but they have everything you need. There is a big Takashimaya department store at the Marriot hotel side of the staying. have a wander around there, and then at the other side exit of Nagoya station, under McDonalds there is an underground Maze of shops, Uniqlo etc. Also, across the road from McDonalds there is a Bic Camera shop, it doesnt just sell cameras, it sells everything japanese and electric, few years ago i got a Discman for $10- worth visiting

      • I already have my accommodation sorted. My partner and I review hotels so during the days the F1 is on we are staying in Osaka. She’s not coming to the race though, not her cup of tea. We are there for 12 days staying in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Handoko. Did you buy your tickets via the F1 website? I did and they now outsource their ticket sales via expedia. I’m not really impressed with their roll out. Wondering if you purchased yours through them also. Last year I went to Singapore F1 and when I bought my tickets through F1 I was able to choose where I was sitting (was in the Stamford Grandstand) and I also was able to have my lanyards posted to me. Expedia tells me I have to go to the F1 on the Thursday before the race to collect my ticket and I don’t even know my seating position. My ticket is for the S bend after turn one. Did you receive lanyards? or do you also have to go to the track to collect? Not sure if this is the usual roll out with Suzuka.