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    This will be my first ever grand prix live! That being said, i have no idea which part of the circuit is the best for live viewing. Having seen it on TV, i know all the corners have something to offer but would really appreciate if someone could recommend the best places.

    The one thing i am sure of is, I prefer a high speed corner to the main straight. The 3 spots that I had in mind were the exit of Parabolica (23a/23b), Ascari(Not sure which stand) and end of main straight (6a/6b)


    • We sat in 6C in 2011 & 2012 and personally think that is a great stand. You want to be as close to the end as possible and as high. We sat right at the top in Row O and in seats 1 & 2, these are right on the end overlooking the corner. There is a big screen opposite and at the bottom of the stand plenty of places to get food and drink.

      Another stand that looks good but never sat in it is 8A on the the side of turn 1. Its a bit cheaper than 6C. Cant vouch for the view but if I was going to sit anywhere else it would probably be there. Cant help you with seat numbers.

      Good luck. We loved Monza it was a great weekend.

      • Thanks for the info Mick. My only concern with with stands 6 is will the cars slow down too much? Though I’ll keep in mind that 6C was recommended.

        • Yes its probably the slowest corner on the track, but its also the place where you get the most overtakes and the most contact between cars. We’ve seen some pretty good action there. You can always sit in other grandstands on Friday and have a good look at the cars at all points of the track.

    • Hi Ritesh, I’m planning on booking a seat at the 6C grandstand. Never been to Monza before but super excited. How old are you and where are you from?