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    • Lucas:

      Your observation is correct – rules are there for a reason and apply to all team and drivers. The interpretation of the rules is the kicker – an impartial interpretation is key to a level playing field. Yet, as in other sports, there are biases exhibited by the Steward’s, that have been there for decades. Specifically: There is a bias against any top-seeded F1 driver who is not from the UK. The intensity of the bias changes by country. For example, if you the driver is of German heritage, you are doomed.

      Hamilton has made exactly the same late-braking move on Verstappen, his own team-mate Bottas, Leclerc, Vettel – ALL the top ranked drivers – numerous times. Yet he get’s a pass by the Steward’s every time. Hamilton’s transgressions are down-played by that horrid announcer David Croft and Martin Brundle (though, not as often). I understand how supporting your heritage works – I really like Latifi and sort of like Stroll – but there are expectations of fairness that are codified, but not observed.

      I agree there ought to be a level playing field, but it is painfully obvious that isn’t the case at almost every race.