A1GP: Brazil to the max at Brands Hatch

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Nelson Piquet Jnr won both A1GP rounds at the series’ inaugural double-header at Brands Hatch. He also set fastest race lap to give the Brazilian team a maximum haul of 21 points after two rounds.

Although the first ‘sprint’ race did not live up to the hype of close racing and lots of overtaking, the second race did. Perhaps it was because the drivers no longer had to preserve their cars for the next event – certainly Lebanese entrant Khalil Beschir failed in that regard as he barrel-rolled out at Paddock Hill bend at awesome speed. A1GP’s first-rate in-car pictures provided breathtaking replays.

UK entrant Robbie Kerr was cruelly denied victory in the final race when his car failed after he had passed Piquet for the lead during the mandatory pit stops.

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