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This editorial wraps up the weekly editions of F1Fanatic.co.uk for 2005, but’s there’s plenty more to come between now and the new season.

It’s strange to think that eight months have passed since I sat down to write the first F1Fanatic.co.uk editorial in March – 31 more have passed since then on almost every week. Though the weekly articles will be suspended until the start of the 2006 season, there’s a huge amount of development work going on that you don’t want to miss out on.

We are already looking into completely overhauling the design of the site – partly from an aesthetic point of view, partly because we want to add more interactivity to the site, partly to make it easier to update and partly because I like messing around with things like this!

A major addition we are hoping to create for 2006 is a weekly Podcast to accompany the magazine. More information on the development of this will be posted to our news blog at (html or rss/xml) which will run as usual throughout the off-season.

The new statistics pages which are launched this week will be expanded during the winter months – I don’t want to make promises that can’t be kept, but we have the capacity to get the seasons back to 1981 indexed by March. But please note – this is not a high-tech, integrated website database effort – this is done to what I can do with a copy of Excel.

There are loads more literature and video games to come – most of the video and dvd reviews are available but look out for a review of 2005 season DVD, of course. The spectator’s guides are beig worked on, too.

And don’t forget the A1GP season which will continue to receive coverage at a1fanatic.co.uk – there’s much more to come from our coverage of this innovative new series.

Writing the past 33 issues has been a pleasure, and it’s one that’s been greatly enhanced by the input from Ben Evans, Alison King and Rachel Spruce, who I hope will continue to support the site in 2006. To anyone else who is interested in contributing, do e-mail me to let me know what you have in mind.

I hope you have all enjoyed the first year of f1fanatic.co.uk as I much as I have.

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