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In last week’s editorial I suggested that if Ferrari didn’t back down over the flexi-wings row and the five GPMA teams didn’t hand their Formula One applications in to the FIA, we could have had an ugly Indianapolis-style farce on our hands. Happily, the GPMA got their paperwork done on time, and Ferrari have changed their wings – not that Michael Schumacher is admitting it is for political reasons, of course!

The car was checked by the FIA and the FIA is the body who decides that the car is okay and is not okay. So if people think that it is not okay that is maybe their opinion, but it does not mean that is the case.

Interestingly, according to the same Autosport article, Honda had threatened to run their own flexi-wings if Ferrari’s weren’t changed. It seems that they had the technology to hand but weren’t using it – perhaps mindful of the fuel tank scandal they fell victim to last year (when they were BAR). The important thing is that everyone can now go racing without any ‘cheating’ allegations being thrown about.

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