F1 at Valencia ‘by 2009’

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Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed that the Valencia track will host a Formula One race in 2009, when modifications to the circuit to accommodate the cars have been completed. Valencia held the opening round of this year’s GP2 championship last weekend.

Like many Spanish circuits Valencia is a popular testing destination due to the favourable winter climate. But it was originally designed with motorbike racing in mind and as is narrow, tight, twisty and not ideal for Formula One cars. Even the smaller GP2 machines looked too big for it at their weekend’s race. The event saw a dramatic crash for Britain’s Adam Carroll who was struggling to find room to pass a much slower car.

It is not known whether the circuit would take over the Spanish Grand Prix from the Circuit de Catalunya, or whether it would host a second Spanish race to capitalise on the popularity of Fernando Alonso (pictured at Valencia last year). It could take over the European Grand Prix if, as has been suggested, Germany cuts back their Grands Prix from two to one.

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  1. The latest news is that not the circuit of Valencia will be used, but the harbour aria, to create a kind of Monaco street circuit. Let’s see

  2. Interesting – have you got a link to the story?

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