Honda ready for F1 speed attempt

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Alan van de Merwe, BAR-Honda, Bonneville 400, 2005Honda have announced that their attempt to set the fastest speed ever recorded by an F1 car will take place between the 17th and 21st of July at the Bonneville salt flats. The attempt had originally been slated for October 2005 but was postponed due to bad weather.

South African Alan van der Merwe will be the driver. He will pilot a 2005 BAR-Honda with a series of revisions specific to the top speed challenge: notably, the rear wing is replaced with a single fin which can act as a rudder for safety reasons. This would, of course, contravene FIA rules, as would the unrestricted V10 engine the car used last year, and the mandatory (for Bonneville) parachute.

The team hope the car will exceed 400 kph.

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    1. This is a disgrace! They are performing progressively poorly this season and they are wasting time with this type of meaningless distraction. There is an amusing thread here ( where the Honda Team gets slammed for trying to pull such a marketing ploy.

    2. Especially if they don’t manage to break 400kph…

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