Inside Ferrari (Jon Nicholson with Maurice Hamilton, 2006)

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Few of us ever get the chance to get up close to Formula One cars. Unless you can blag a paddock pass, it’s difficult to get much of an impression of what goes on behind the scenes at a race weekend.

“Inside Ferrari” puts the inner workings of the Scuderia on display through 285 pages of magnificent photography from legendary F1 snapper Jon Nicholson. Brief commentaries are supplied by Observer scribe Maurice Hamilton.

From the race track to the inner sanctum of Ferrari at Maranello, this book provides an unprecedented insight into the workings of Michael Schumacher-era Ferrari.

“Inside Ferrari” is a mammoth photographic study of the most famous team in Formula 1. It compiles images shot from 2003 to 2005 and is an utter visual treat. Nicholson is a superb photographer – I mean, he can even make the dusty wastes of the Bahrain circuit seem pretty.

Everything about Ferrari’s F1 team is on display here: from painstaking symmetrical close-ups of wheel nuts, to studies of the mechanics who work on them, and portraits of the immense facility where the engineering magic takes place.

It reveals a team which is, as the author states: “Great, truly professional, and totally dedicated.”

The appeal of a book of this size with a £25 price tag may be limited to anyone other than die-hard Ferrari fanatics, but it’s a magnificent production.

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