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The press begin their farewells to Michael Schumacher and although Lewis Hamilton is put on hold Peter Windsor is still championing him. Jenson Button, meanwhile, is told to buck up – by Bernie Ecclestone.

Also in the F1 news this week circuits are in the spotlight as Imola looks set to miss out on a Grand Prix for the first time since 1979 next year, Shanghai circuit owner Yu Zhifei is dragged into a corruption scandal and the Czech Republic are the latest country tipped to host an F1 race.(all links external)

Putting the kart before the horsepower – the birth of a boy racer The Daily Telegraph’s first in a five part series that ran this week on Michael Schumacher’s ascent to greatness. Definitely worth a read.

McLaren keep Hamilton waiting for his Formula One debut But the exciting new British talent has given plenty of quotes on how he feels he is ‘not ready’ yet. Could they even be planning to run him as a test driver next year? (Source: The Guardian)

Do you think that McLaren should have opted for Lewis Hamilton to race in Brazil? Peter Windsor argues on ITV-F1.com that McLaren should put the young Briton in the hot seat for the final round.

Button beward, ‘new kids on the block could prove your undoing’ In The Times, Bernie Ecclestone warns Jenson Button against the perils of boybands.

About a boy Could A1 Grand Prix racer Armaan Ebrahim be the next Indian F1 racer? Newindpress talk to the 17 year-old.

Head of Shanghai International Circuit, city’s Formula One track, facing probe The International Herald Tribune report on alleged ‘illegal operations’ at Formula One’s most expensive circuit.

F1 schedule released for ’07, no place for Imola Crash.net report that Italy, as well as Germany, could be down to just one Grand Prix next year. Is it circumstance or the Michael Schumacher Effect?

Czech businessman plans building Formula One track in Prague It’s time for the ‘new F1 circuit rumour of the month’ (Source: The Raw Story)

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