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It was fascinating to see how the different newspapers treated the final race of the season, the final race of Michael Schumacher’s career, and the crowning of Fernando Alonso as the youngest ever double champion.

On several papers F1 made a rare intrusion onto the front page. Others apparently preferred the less dignified image of a footballer biting a rival.

But on one thing they were all agreed – Schumacher’s mighty drive was a fitting end to a career of stupefying success.

HeadlineEnd of Schumacher era as his final title bid failsfront cover
Alonso takes title after Schumacher goes down fighting
back cover
Schumacher flat tyre hands title to Alonso on a plate
Young guns primed as Formula One is forced to bite bullet
They say"A gracious and sporting individual, Alonso has most of the qualities inside and outside the car to step up to the big time."
We sayAs brilliant as Schumacher’s final drive was, Alonso is a deserving champion.

HeadlineSchumacher bows out in Brazil front cover
Alonso wins but Schumacher exits in style
No place on the podium but Schumacher departs looking like a champion
Massa benefits from Bridgestone excellence to join pantheon of Brazilian racing legends
They say"By his [Massa’s] own admission ‘it was perhaps the easiest race of my career’"
We sayWords to bring tears to Rubens Barrichello’s eyes.

HeadlineAlonso holds off Schumacher back cover
Alonso holds off brilliant Schumacher to retain title
They say"Oft-criticised, [Schumacher] went out the way he came in with Jordan back in 1991: a hero."
We sayCoverage is A1 for quality but lacks quantity – and impact, buried beneath all the regular stuff..

HeadlineSchumacher goes down fighting front cover
In the lap of the gods
business section
End of the road – Schumacher goes down fighting as Alonso retains F1 title
Fate denies Schumacher one final tilt at glory
No pipe and slippers in this retirement
Gentleman Fangio was the best ever – Sir Stirling Moss
They say“The last sighting of Schumacher was of a racer driving like the wind. What better way to be remembered?"
We sayThey should have made him started every race from 19th…

HeadlineSchuey’s dream is over
End of the peer, Schu
They say"Schuey’s slim chance of denying Fernando Alonso a second successive crown was effectively ended after just nine laps in Sao Paulo when he got a puncture."
We sayAll the same, Pat Symonds said he didn’t feel any relief until lap 69 when he realised Schumacher was too far back to pass Alonso.

HeadlineAlonso is two good back cover
Real blow as Schuey bows out
They say"[Schumacher] rolled back the years in a mad, crash-hit and memorable Brazilian Grand Prix that will live long in the memory."
We sayIt was one of the best of the season.

HeadlineExit Schumacher – a fighter to the end back cover
Farewell to scrapper Schu
They say"[Alonso] criticised [Renault] earlier this month, but there was no sign of antagonism as he embraced his engineers in the garage. Moaning had been replaced by delirium."
We sayI don’t see the need to construe Alonso’s earlier remarks as ‘moaning’.

HeadlineSchumacher bows out
They say"It has never been dull, nor always fair, but it has been fabulous"
We sayF1 in a nutshell.

HeadlineSchumacher DID go out with a bang .. but it was just his tyre exploding
Foul-mouthed Kimi’s TV boob
They say"For a season drenched in controversy and, some say, double-dealing and race-fixing, this was a refreshingly pure climax."
We sayWill all that change with Schumacher’s retirement? Or will there be the same charges next year?"

HeadlineSchumacher reaches the end of the road front cover
Schumacher bows out in stirring style back cover
Alonso keeps title as Schuey bids farewell
Legend signs off
Niki lauds Michael
They say"Felipe Massa became the first Brazilian to win his home race since the late Ayrton Senna in 1993."
We sayLike Senna, Massa is a Paulista

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