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In our final look back on the F1 news of 2006 some surprising comments from Nick Heidfeld, Chinese F1 racers on the way, and a lingering look back on Michael Schumacher’s last Grand Prix.

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Heidfeld in for long haul – Nick Heidfeld has designs on beating one of Michael Schumacher’s records. So which one is it – most Grand Prix wins? Most pole positions, most fastest laps, most World Championships?

No! Heidfeld has his eyes on starting more race than his illustrious countryman. Never mind that Schumacher doesn’t even hold that record (Riccardo Patrese still leads the way with a 256).

Seriously, what kind of sportsman prizes ‘most participations’ over anything else? If I were BMW boss Mario Theissen, I’d be more concerned that Heidfeld fixes his sights on winning his first race. Before Robert Kubica beats him to it.

Chinese driver hoping for F1 test drive – With China having hosted three Grands Prix (including one good one) it can’t be long before a Chinese driver gets a race seat. Ho Ping Tung tested a Williams three years ago, and is hoping to get a full-time occupation as a Spyker F1 tester in 2007.

But I suspect A1 Grand Prix racer Cheng ‘Johnny’ Congfu is a hotter prospect among the burgeoning Chinese single seater talent.

Schumacher’s last race – An interesting feature from The Guardian where top F1 drivers and personnel look back on Michael Schumacher’s final Grand Prix in Interlagos this year.

Kimi Raikkonen’s comments are particularly interesting: “I really did everything I could to fend off the opposition but the Ferraris in particular were just too quick and there was nothing I could do about Michael. I made the permitted one move to ease him towards the pit wall but he kept on coming. Our McLaren didn’t quite have the race pace in my final race for the team.”

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