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In the F1 blogs round-up this week some fascinating insight into the new aerodynamic device designed to aid overtaking in Formula One.

Also NASCAR and the IRL get a slagging – as does Giancarlo Fisichella’s championship aspirations. Again. Read on for more.

Aerodynamic study of the CDG concept – F1Technical.net takes a fascinating and detailed look at the ‘Centreline Downwash Generating wing concept – the FIA’s unusual plan to combat the dearth of overtaking in modern Formula One.

What the #$%! is a Centerline Drag Generating Wing? – Meanwhile anti-NASCAR site NASCRAP have some typically forthright views on the controversial wing.

Life imitates… the Indy Racing League – NASCAR isn’t the only F1 rival series getting a kicking – Full Throttle puts the boot into the IRL.

Grand Prix Blog 2007 Preview (and Part Two) – The all new Grand Prix Blog offers some thoughts on the forthcoming season.

Renault – SofaF1 reckon Renault have no faith in Giancarlo Fisichella, as was discussed here last week (below).

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  1. Thanks once again for the link and extra exposure.

    I covered Mad Max’s CDG wing Idea when first purposed. I was so “impressed” it prompted me to do a little design speculation of my own.

  2. Ha! Nice one.

  3. Thanks for the link. A great way to find an interesting blog!

    Hope you’re enjoying the Sofa F1 coverage.

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