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Brazilian Grand Prix, 2006, startIn this week’s F1 news, the Brazilian Grand Prix was the most popular race of last year – and one of the top porting events by television audience.

Plus the three drivers up for sportsman awards, a possible return to South Africa and why Ferrari didn’t sign Fernando Alonso.

Why Fifa’s claim of one billion TV viewers was a quarter right – The season finale at Brazil was the fifth most-watched sporting event of 2006. The race decided both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships, and was Michael Schumacher’s final race.

Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Mercedes, preseason, 2007F1 driver to sponsor motorsport students – McLaren racer Fernando Alonso will sponsor twelve Spanish students on a motor racing course at Oxford Brookes university.

Jean Todt says Ferrari ever pursued Alonso – A psychological blow aimed at the man who has beaten his team for the last two years? Todt reckons Raikkonen is a better fit for Ferrari than Alonso.

Formula 1 drivers up for Laureus awards – Both Alonso and new team mate Lewis Hamilton are up for Laureus sports awards. Alonso has been nominated for “World Sportsman of the Year” alongside Schumacher, Hamilton (perhaps prematurely?) for “Breakthrough of the year”. Alonso’s former team Renault were nominated for “best team”.

Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Mercedes, McLaren launch, 2007Hamilton in big hurry to justify the hype before debut race – A welcome note of caution against the Hamilton hype.

Cape Town F1 GP plans jerk back into life
– Bernie Ecclestone wants 20 races on the F1 calendar – one of them could be a return to South Africa.

Illien, Zen and the fine art of motorbike racing – Former F1 engine designer Mario Illien has made the switch to Moto GP.

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