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In case you missed any of it – our 2007 preview in full:


The class of ’07 – The five rookies to watch this year
Alonso shoots for the triple – Can the Spaniard win three successive titles?
The Raikkonen conundrum – The fast but flawed Finn
Place your bets – the odds on the race and championship winners
Helmets – Learn the 2007 skid lids
New best friends – How will the big driver changes work out this year?
The defecting champion – It’s rare for a reigning champion to switch teams and retain his title. In fact, only one person has done it…
Their last wins – Which driver hasn’t won a race for nearly 10 years? Find out
Three Lions & a Scot – The four British drivers in 2007


Red Bull
Scuderia Toro Rosso
Super Aguri


The circuits – A new track, a few tweaks, and some lost favourites
Out with the old… – What we say farewell to in 2007
…In with the new – The most important changes ahead of the new season
New rules at a glance – How the new sporting regulations will shape 2007
A rookie winner? – Giancarlo Baghetti: The man who won his first Grand Prix
Will you miss Michael? – No Schumacher in 2007 – but will we care?

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