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Mercedes drivers, DTM, 2007Reigning F3 Euroseries champion Paul di Resta will race in the DTM in 2007 – shame he’ll be doing it in a Mercedes-Benz C-Class from 2005.

One can’t imagine he’s too happy to see his career take such a sharp swing away from single seaters. Lewis Hamilton preceded him as champion and walked into the plum GP2 seat and subsequently on to F1 with McLaren. Similarly last year’s British F3 champion Mike Conway, also British, had gone to GP2 this year.

Not wishing to denigrate the DTM, but you can’t help but feel di Resta deserves better than a seat in a two year-old car. Then again, even Gary Paffett hasn’t got an ’07 spec car – and he was DTM champion two years ago!

(NB. I could have found a more accurate picture, but I liked the irony of this one of di Resta & co. with the 2007-spec Mercedes he won’t be driving. Not before 2009, anyway.)

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