British F3 Oulton 2: Asmer wins after three starts

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Marko Asmer won the second race at Oulton Park – but only after the race had to be re-started twice following multiple crashes.

Just as in race one the Estonian had Stephen Jelley on his tail at the chequered flag. Pole sitter Jonathan Kennard finished fourth ahead of first race winner Maro Engel and his team mate Sam Bird.

The race was shortened to ten laps following two separate accidents.

In the first Michael Meadows (who had been involved in the lap one crash at Cascades in the first race) collided with Hamad Al Fardan and Albert Costa. The second time round Costa (again), Albert Valerio, Leo Mansell, Sean Petterson and Alex Waters tangled at Druids.

NB. As a consequence of the F3 delays and an earlier accident in a Ginetta race the second Formula Ford round was cancelled. Which was a pity given that the earlier Formula Ford race had passed largely without incident.

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