A1GP China Sprint: Kerr wins for Britain

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Britain took a second consecutive win in the A1 Grand Prix series as Robbie Kerr triumphed at a murky Shanghai.

The British car made the most of pole position to lead away from the start and rebuffed Jonny Reid’s attempts to pass in the early laps. Meanwhile Nico Hulkenberg passed Jonathan Summerton for third and caught the leaders.

Late in the race Jean Karl Vernay (France) and Sean McIntosh (Canada) made wheel-to-wheel contact on the straight, both incurring damage and each fortunate not to suffer a much worse crash.

Kerr had Reid all over the back of his car on the final lap but hung on to edge out his rival. Hulkenberg completed the podium, and two more points in the feature race will make Germany champions.

Sebastien Buemi was fourth for Switzerland ahead of Summerton in the Team USA car.

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