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There’s no F1 race this weekend but there’s a whole world of F1 alternative to choose from.

It’s a massive weekend for touring car racing with rounds of the World, German and British championships.

Plus rallying in Argentina and the second round of the FIA GT series. But which to watch?

British Touring Car Championship, Thruxton

Three rounds of the BTCC from the quickest track in Britain – Thruxton. Jason Plato has the championship lead but his Vauxhall rivals look quick and Fabrizio Giovanardi’s Vectra is on pole alongside Plato’s team mate Darren Turner.

Plato starts on the fourth row alongside championship rival Matt Neal. With three races to watch this has to be the pick of the week.

German Touring Car Championship, Oschersleben

The second round of the Audi-Mercedes face-off is at the tight Oschersleben track. Former twice F1 champion Mika Hakkinen is on pole and is in search of his second win in the series having scored his first two years ago.

World Touring Car Championship, Zandvoort

The first round of the WTCC this year was a bit of a joke as BMW’s weight advantage saw their three lead drivers win at a canter.

But the FIA have given the cars greater parity ahead of the second round at the fabulous former F1 circuit of Zandvoort. The double header event with a reverse grid in the second should provide far better action than we saw at Curitiba.

Also keep an eye out for Spyker refugee Tiago Monteiro, whose qualified fastest out of all the Seat runners in his first WTCC event.

World Rally Championship, Argentina

This weekend’s WRC is two-thirds complete as I write this and it hasn’t been a vintage event.

Sebastien Loeb is romping away as usual and most of the first day’s running was lost in a cock-up that rivals the F1 farce at Indianapolis two years ago.

FIA GT, Silverstone

There’s another former F1 champion racing this weekend – Nigel Mansell, who’s sharing a Ferrari 430 with Chris Niarchos in the GT2 class of the FIA GT round at Silverstone.

But the main event up front is between the GT1 cars where two more former F1 drivers can be found – Jean-Denis Deletraz and Karl Wendlinger, first and second with their respective team mates Mike Hezemans and Ryan Sharp.

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    6th May 2007, 0:25

    Random comment, but I can’t help but hear the sample of Murray Walker screaming “IT’S DELETRAZ!” (when you went him and crashed into a wall in the orignal PS Formula One game) whenever I see his name.

    Sorry, that really is random.

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