Audi defeats Peugeot in Le Mans 24 Hours

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The Audi team won a dramatic Le Mans 24 Hours with Peugeot second on their return to the classic race.

The diesel Audis held the first three positions early in the race. But Mike Rockenfeller crashed heavily in his stint and Dindo Capello later crashed out when a wheel came off his car.

This left a single Audi of Marco Werner, Frank Biela and Emanuelle Pirro ahead of the two chasing Peugeots. But Peugeot lost the number seven car of Nicolas Minassian, Marc Gene and Jacques Villeneuve.

The Sebastien Bourdais/Pedro Lamy/Stephane Sarrazin Peugeot followed the remaining Audi home, ten laps adrift.

Aston Martin finally scored its first win since 1959, in the LMGT1 category, with the DBR9 of David Brabham, Rickard Rydell and Darren Turner.

LMGT2 was won by the Imsa Performance Porsche 911 GT3-RSR of Raymond Narac, Richard Lietz and Patrick Long. A depleted LMP2 field was led home by Binnie Motorsports’ Lola-Zytek of Bill Binnie, Chris Buncombe and Allen Timpany.

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