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F1 testing is on at Silverstone this week and fans can see new British star Lewis Hamilton in action tomorrow for just ???10.

Testing began today but most of the teams relied on their test drivers having only recently returned from the American leg of the calendar.

The roads into Silverstone were very busy this morning and an even larger crowd is expected tomorrow when Hamilton takes to the track.

Some may grizzle that this kind of thing used to be free – but it’s still the cheapest way of seeing full-blooded F1 action in Britain.

All the teams are there except for Honda and Super Aguri, which are testing in Jerez.

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4 comments on “Watch F1 for ???10”

  1. i had no idea it used to be free! the roads were clear at 10am this morning, i probably missed out on a bit of track action though.

  2. It’s not *quite* the same but for those who can’t get to Silverstone for 9am, Renault are handing out free tickets to their World Series event at Donington Park in September.

    Includes a demo by the Renault F1 car (although it sadly clashes with the Italian Grand Prix weekend).

  3. is hamilton there on this thrusday?

  4. I understand Alonso’s driving the car on Thursday, so I wouldn’t expect Hamilton to be there then.

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