Michael Schumacher set for racing return

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Michael Schumacher has confirmed his return to racing. He will compete in this year’s Race of Champions at the new Wembley Stadium in London.

Schumacher last competed in the event in 2004 where he was famously defeated by Heikki Kovalainen. Kovalainen won the tournament.

Also racing this year are David Coulthard and Jenson Button – not word yet on whether Lewis Hamilton or Anthony Davidson will take part.

Other British racers participating are Colin McRae and Andy Priaulx. Coulthard and former rally champion McRae are likely to team up to represent Scotland with Button and World touring Car Champion Priaulx forming an England team.

Getting Hamilton’s name on the bill would be a coup for the organisers who could put on a crowd-pulling Schumacher vs Hamilton race.

The two have met once before – at a kart race in 2001. After which Schumacher said of Hamilton:

He’s a quality driver, very strong and only 16. If he keeps this up I’m sure he will reach F1. It’s something special to see a kid of his age out on the circuit. He’s clearly got the right racing mentality.

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7 comments on “Michael Schumacher set for racing return”

  1. I’ve always thought about going to this, but was put off mainly by the travelling to Paris – maybe this year could be the year as it’s in Britain!

    Why the speculation about Lewis Hamilton though – if it’s a 2 man team as in the past, and Priaulx and Button are confirmed for England then there’s no drive for him!

  2. I’m sure if they had the chance of getting Hamilton they’d find a way of accommodating him. Perhaps they’d make Priaulx race for Team Guernsey?

  3. It doesn’t seem very fair on Andy Priaulx, but as a crowd-puller if Lewis wants to race then they would have to let him I suppose!

    We may let him pretend to be Scottish for the day…

  4. Maybe they might allow two Team Englands? Or is that hoping for too much?

  5. Easy there, why should there be two Team Englands – that’s hardly fair!!

  6. The organisers have suggested there might be a Team GB along with Team England and Team Scotland.

    That could make for a confusing final…

  7. That would be as bad as the Champions League in football having 4 or 5 teams from certain countries like England, Spain and Italy – it devalues the competition!

    It’s unusual for the Race of Champion teams to be announced so early anyway isn’t it? As I recall there is normally some doubt over who will be present even in the month or so before it starts!

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