F3 Euro Magny-Cours 2: First win for Jakes

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An exciting second F3 race at the French Grand Prix weekend saw a maiden win for Britain’s James Jakes.

The second race of the weekend saw all the overtaking and incident that was largely missing from the first one.

A raft of penalties changed the expected order of the grid and left Jean-Karl Vernay on pole from Yelmer Buurman, James Jakes and Franck Mailleux.

At the start Edoardo Piscopo squeezed Cyndie Alleman and the pair tangled wheels before slamming into the unprotected wall on the right of the grid. It was a hefty smash but both walked away as the safety car was sent onto the track.

Vernay, Buurman and Jakes were the top three behind the safety car and that remained the order at the restart.

Buurman made a move on Vernay at the hairpin but ran wide and lost the place again. Shortly afterwards Jakes passed Mailleux around the outside of the Adelaide hairpin.

A frightening accident eliminated two drivers when Basil Shaaban spun off at the Imola chicane and slammed into Sergey Afanasiev. The resulting mess was cleared without another safety car being required.

On the next lap Vernay and Buurman clashed again at the hairpin and this time the pair ran wide and Jakes seized a lead he never lost.

Tom Dillman and Sebastian Buemi held fourth and fifth but the two clashed allowing Esteban Guerreri in the Ultimate Motorsports Mygale through into fifth and Tim Sandtler took sixth.

Jakes’ win puts him third in the championship which is still led by Buemi and Romain Grosjean. Buurman is fourth and race one winner Kamui Kobayashi fifth.

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