F1 in the blogs 37: Red flag

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In the F1 blogs this week musings on the seldom-seen red flag and Gordon Murray’s latest projects.

Plus the ongoing confusing over Lewis Hamilton and the crane, football teams going motor racing, and the vexed question of F1’s role in promoting environmental awareness..

F1 Fanatic’s Post of the Week

The Red Flag Act – Edblog offers some thoughts and history on the lesser-spotted red flag of Formula 1.

More F1 in the blogs

Gordon Murray launches own design company – Former Brabham and McLaren design guru Gordon Murray has some interesting plans for the future of road cars.

Superleague Formula gets BVB-ed – The football/motor racing hybrid idea limps on, with Borussia Dortmund now putting their name to a car.

Formula One’s new strategy – Can F1 change attitudes towards green motoring?

Formula 1, Ferrari and the Cap – Thoughts on Ferrari team headgear.

“The Grand Prix Saboteurs” By Joe Saward – A Book Review – Some more thoughts on a book reviewed on F1 Fanatic a little while ago.

Have Planet-F1 Been Leant On? – The unofficial Anthony Davidson blog is keeping a close eye on Planet-F1’s coverage of the Lewis Hamilton crane controversy.

Scott Speed Speculations – troubles times for the American racer.

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